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  • Salaam Vendetta,

    It's been longer than a year, you aren't back yet. I hope you are well and healthy and your tour in Afghanistan was uneventful godwilling. Here's to you Vendetta

    Best wishes for you and your family, Bismillah.
    My son got me to play WoW once a few years ago, and it was pretty intriguing. Since I'm actually a Druid, though, when and if I play RPGs I don't play Druids; I generally play a character nothing like myself IRL. :)
    Ah, so you're on leave right now? I hope you don't "wash out", but I don't understand why you won't be back? Is it because of the long intensive training?
    I wanted to change it, I really like this one too.

    How's life with you? I saw you post somewhere that you're going back to SEAL training, when's that?
    Yea man, for sure. Hope you do well, and avoid the injuries this time around. You can get me during the week at [email protected] Drop a line and say whats up and how the training is going.
    Passover has been a bit too quiet. I want bread!!! and pasta!!! and cereal dammit!!! Bread of affliction my butt. give me my yeast!!! LOL How has your holiday going?

    As for Noahides, The only info I know is what I gave you. There is a website called AskNoah.org that may help. I think BlackKnight(on the forum) is either a Noahide or looking to convert. He may have more info. And any chabad center will be more than happy to tell you more.
    It's not just an episode.

    It's a real word, that happens to be used for some things like the title of a video game series, or the title of an episode. The name itself is not specifically a reference to the episode.
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