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Last Activity:
Apr 17, 2011
Apr 4, 2011
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nevaya was last seen:
Apr 17, 2011
    1. Orias
      I see.

      Well I was never raised in a religious family, nor was I baptized. Most of my family members have always believed in God, but the concept never really grasped me until recent years.

      I've found that I have changed a lot over the past year from posting on this forum, which I completely underestimated.

      But I don't really know what One could consider a "stereotypical" Satanist. Pretty much everyone at school knows that I am Satanic and they don't mind, since they are accustomed to my antics and personality. Most of the time I just keep to myself, but a lot of people who don't know me or haven't seen me before usually end up giving me that, "Wow that kid is kind of creepy" look. I guess it's because I'm always wearing a black band t-shirt and my dark jeans, with my hair usually covering my face I'd say that I intimidate a lot people.

      But you know, I enjoy feeding off of others anxiety, but I do realize that there is a time and place for Mind games ;).
    2. Orias
      But anyways, what do you think about everything happening for a reason?
    3. Orias
      Samuel Clemens is a smart guy, he hid a lot of "LHP" notions in His books and always ended His stories with strong moral points as well.

      He was a fellow advocate as much as Ben Franklin and the founding fathers.

      Anton LaVey has taught me a lot in the ways bringing One's own Mind into existence. He merely presented a door and such competent people progress from there.

      You would find that there are many possibilities for such a "God" being to exist, it is just that many people turned their definition of "God" into a maculate and scummish sense. Thinking that their "God" applies to others and is better and more "true" than others. Who knows :shrug:, the mass view of "God" has tainted it with disrespect, and with no regard to the carnal sensuality that it Originated from.

      Looks like you were going to say something else. So you really became a Satanist after finding One of the Satanic Bibles in a book store? That's awesome :D
    4. Orias
      I didn't mean to push conversation, it's that I don't see many other Satanists around here.

      Those whom I have become good friends with, leave due to the bull-****ters and narrow pathed trolls here. But of course there are a lot of very intelligent and sophisticated people here as well.

      So, where does your mind lead you? I have found that many that consider themselves "Satanists" don't actually know a lot about it. I hope you aren't One of those people ;)
    5. Orias
      Not One to oblige are you :(
    6. Orias
      Don't get the wrong idea :D

      A Satanist should know when they are speaking to another Satanist :D
    7. Where Is God
    8. Where Is God
      Where Is God
      Do you worship the devil? Pretty sure the term was sadist.

      Oh they intertwine >.>
    9. Vendetta
      Make your photo album hehe
    10. Vendetta
      You should put some more pictures of yourself up
    11. Vendetta
      Welcome to the forum.....I must say if that is your picture, you are quite attractive.
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