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  • Also there are more links to specific instances here about CAIR and terrorism...

    Muslims Condemn Terrorist Attacks
    Hey, I know you aren't a fan of CAIR so I just wanted to link a page about their views on Terrorism.

    I haven't seen even members support anything as questionable as Hamas and they are ostensibly a political movement that uses violence as a means to an end. I don't believe that to compare them to the Taliban or AQ is accurate at all...While I don't agree with support for Hamas, I think almost always it is not a support for terrorism but support for Palestinians.

    Anti Terrorism
    Rit how come you're not on my buddylist? Also FYI im shipping out in Aug for BUDS man (again) prob wont be here another 6 months. We need to keep in touch and exchange email.
    :D Don't worry. I've downloaded 2 of her songs as well, and that's coming from an Iron Maiden fan!
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