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Recent content by RitalinO.D.

  1. RitalinO.D.

    Religious Nuts and Atheists!! You're All Wrong!! :)

    That's all fine and well, if that is your perception of things. However, it does nothing to answer the question, or even address it. A large portion of xtians atest to these "tests", yet fail to offer even a glimpse of an explaination to the contradiction. "That's just the way it is" is not a...
  2. RitalinO.D.

    Religious Nuts and Atheists!! You're All Wrong!! :)

    The problem is you haven't answered the question. You are using circular logic to avoid answering a question you aren't capable of answering. Omniscience and the need to "Test" his "creation" are completely contradictory. There is no sutible answer, for a non-theist at least, that can explain...
  3. RitalinO.D.

    couple of basic questions on islam

    This is far and away a minority of muslims who portray this stereotype. I lived in Turkey for two years, which is roughly 96-97% Sunni Muslim, and felt perfectly safe. I met tons of perfectly nice and pleasant people. Was welcomed into homes, where they cooked me dinner and asked for nothing in...
  4. RitalinO.D.

    Confusion , What To Do ?

    This goes along with the incorrect notion that to be moral, you must learn these morals through religion. You can experience pleasure as well as purpose without any form of religion, just as you can be moral without it.
  5. RitalinO.D.

    Terrorist offers aid to Hurricane victims

    Or they made this grand offer, knowing full well the US would deny the aid, in an attempt to alter the worldly perception of this group. Doesn't seem too outlandish an idea to me.
  6. RitalinO.D.

    What an informed biblical literalist who was interested in Christian apologetics would know

    Nothing in the bible "repudiates" evolution. It would be impossible for bronze age people writing the bible to refute something they had no knowledge of. What you believe, and what is actual fact are obviously two very different things. It is fact that there are many, many xtians who believe...
  7. RitalinO.D.

    What is the Religion of ...

    To be a Mason, you don't even have to describe or explain what "higher Power" you believe in. You just have to submit to believing in one. Therefore, you could believe in the FSM, and still be a legitimate Mason. And while the skull and bones has nothing to do with religion, for some reason...
  8. RitalinO.D.

    What an informed biblical literalist who was interested in Christian apologetics would know

    Ever heard of Theistic Evolution"? or the term "Christian Darwinist"? There are plenty of Xtians who believe in creation, as well as evolution, so your argument holds no water, as usual. Also, you are confusing the term theory. Scientific theories aren't proven wrong. At most, they are...
  9. RitalinO.D.

    Shunned by a child

    Sorry to hear that happened Draka. Kids can be fickle at times. You never know, she may be getting this outlook from other kids at school, or some other relative besides the mother. Hopefully your other neighbor can work it out for ya. If not, then you and the kids are better off. Definitely...
  10. RitalinO.D.

    Mormons are not fit for the presidency

    I'll be honest in the fact that if I were to vote, not voting for Romney would be about 98% regarding his policies and values. That two percent left over, I must admit, has to do with him being mormon. I am fully aware that it is a tad hippocritical, considering I'm basically anti-religion...
  11. RitalinO.D.

    Inexorable Consequences

    If you lose your scout master position, you will end up working at White castle.
  12. RitalinO.D.

    American / British English

    That's called a three point turn here as well. A U-turn is something that is done usually on a 4-lane road (Two in each direction) when you need to go the opposite direction and find a break in the median. There is a distinction here. Gear shift is something you refer to when you are refering...
  13. RitalinO.D.

    American / British English

    Nowadays I actually hear more people using that phrase without the "off", so I can understand how it might be confusing to some. Something I've always wondered however, the scene in Austin Powers, where Austin and his father are sitting on the bed talking to eachother in "british English"...
  14. RitalinO.D.

    My Beautiful Middle Earth Cape Town: Where Rises Table Mountain In The Garden Of The Earth. Debate!?

    And the more educated people become, the smaller than number gets.
  15. RitalinO.D.

    Would any creationist at this forum like to critique, and refute this article?

    The thing is, Evolution is based on observable evidence, and tons of it. ID is a pipe dream invented to try and finagle creationism into science class. Tweak it all you like, you will get the same nonsense.