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  • USC is a pretty good school too. When and where do you go back on duty?
    Yep - I can't wait until he's reaped the consequences of his crimes against the Libyan people, the *******.
    Well do what I do, inform one of the admins, such as 9-10 or England of Caladan's behaviour. I'd do it in private message if I were you. If they get enough complaints they'll remove his moderator status. He told me so.
    This isn't me trying to tell you what to do, it's just for your own good. I have been dealing with Caladan for years, and yes he's a jerk. If you want to last long on RF don't rise to his bait. Attacking an admin, you won't last long on RF. Yes I know he attacks you, he attacks me too...
    I am curious: Do you live in Texas? Your posts remind me very much of someone who I used to work with!
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