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  • Thanx for the odds of dying by Covid fruublid.
    And for furballing the colorful avatar.
    And for the private campus for anti-mask dunderheads phurlbe.
    And for foolbring my 325 day year.
    And for the lack of trust blame froub.
    Thanx for the no problem of evil frubil.
    And for furballing anti-capitalists who should want everyone to work for free, not just landlords.
    And for the discussing philosophy with Sun Rise phurblit.
    And for the Scrabble frooble.
    And for flurbing your favorite story.
    And for the lawyers demanding food froob.
    And for foolbrung our current dearth of cats.
    Thanx for the satisfied frubal.
    And for frubing mowing one's own lawn.
    And for the ballistic food froob.
    And for phoolbring cats in boxes.
    And for the unproductive discussion flurbe.
    And for furlbing no prescriptions for gods to follow.
    Thank you for the frube on the faith thread. I also like your line, "No, never. I would never allow differing opinions to interfere with our friendship."
    I hope it is getting cooler for you and your cats soon. It may be a long summer. I have also enjoyed your posts
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    Reactions: Trailblazer
    Thanks. Today was about 100 but tomorrow and Monday are supposed to be 110, then on Tuesday it cools back down to a more normal 85. It is about 86 in the house right now and the cats seem none the worse for it, and we have the air conditioned bedroom at about 82, so cats can go in there. I am worried about the raccoons outdoors, but I have food and water dishes and two tubs if water for them to cool down in.
    Thanx for the confirmed bachelor floorbil.
    And for phurballing unwanted advice.
    And for the everything's coming up Milhouse frube.
    And for floorbing choosing to not be offended.
    And for the open book tests froub.
    And for furlbaling cats are rough on songbirds.
    And for flurbitting using PC for RF.
    Thanks for the useful frube on Do we really have free will?

    Also... Google play as several decision making software apps... I assume the apple store has too...
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