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  • Thanx for froobing Smollett's meager wealth.
    And for the Starve The Beast frubol.
    And for fruballing people saying many unevidenced things.
    And for the eventually seeing what we'll see frubal.
    And for froolbing my lack of opinion about Exodus.
    And for the gloom, agony, & despair furball.
    And for froobulating Chris Pratt.
    Thanks for the frube on Drug inspired songs. It was/still is one of my fathers favourite songs so i was brought up with it playing all the time
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    Reactions: Riders
    White Rabbit is also the theme song to Go ASk Alive it was suppose to be a true story about teen who overdosed on drugs in the 60s found out to be a fake
    Thanx for froobing important question marks.
    And for the El Rey chocolate frubolate.
    And for furballing Venezuelan chocolate...an industry they are very good at, & very desperately need.
    And for the vote for a woman frubal.
    And for flurbing awaiting Mueller's investigation.
    And for the born once frubyl.
    And for froobling enquiring minds & Presidents' grades.
    And for the too much crying frubing.
    Thanks for making me give you the exact details on Trumps threats
    Thanx for the deficit spending frubing.
    And for froobling impeaching Trump after he leaves office.
    And for the conflicting aspects of aging frubing.
    And for fruballing higher poster pay.
    And for the positive influence of secular morality frubity.
    And for furballing Bernie being back.
    And for the young at heart Bernie frubie.
    And for froolbing being accused of condoning sexual impropriety.
    Thanx for froobing Kim Kardashiovich's testimony.
    And for the couple of eschewing fighting frubings.
    And for the frubal before Christmas.
    And for the dying SNL frubell.
    And for flurbing Hawaiian shirts.
    And for the secret cult frubal.
    And for fruballing significant Trump news.
    And for the non-nationalization frubation.
    Thanx for froobing my vote in the mid-terms.
    And for the Trump impeachment threads frubyl.
    And for fruballing in confidence in free markets.
    And for the title oopsie froobsie.
    And for the agonized scream frouble.
    Thanx for fruballing the best circus in town!
    And for the unchristian Trumpie frubie!
    And for furballing justice system reform.
    And for the inexplicable spousal choice frubal.
    And for froobing the Hillary question.
    And for the presidential performance frubyl.
    And for flurbing evidence of accusations.'
    And for the rapey dog frubol.
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