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  • Thanks for the i frube on Understanding Cosmology (Post 7)

    And cheers for the friendly heart frube on Who Are You?
    Thanks for the friendly heart frube on Understanding Cosmology (Post 7)
    I don't quite follow much of what well-wisher writes, but food for thought for sure.
    He actually surprised me, Although i followed what i read, interesting for sure, i didn't have time to digest it all. He is citing the 2nd law of thermodynamics, in which he makes sense. Unfortunately the first law forbids his idea that entropy is consuming energy, both have to be taken together
    Thanx for the ignant frubal.
    And for the good nite's sleep & a full breakfast froub.
    And for furbling atheism's troubles & advantages.
    And for the satisfied foorball.
    Thanks for the i fru on Understanding Cosmology (Post 7) and also a big thank you for the like on What We Really Think
    Thanks for our resident scrap iron collector informative frube
    And I thought he was just another pretty face!
    I wouldn't go as far as to say pretty. But be has a wonderful selection of scrap iron...
    Thanks for the opti frube on Common Unscientific Statements/Fallacious Arguments and What's Wrong with Them.

    Note. The speed of gravity has been measured in several different ways. One example. 130 million years ago 2 neutron stars collided. The light and gravitational wave of the collision arrived at earth simultaneously 130 million years later
    Ah, a mandatory 1 second delay enforced between consecutive posts, that's reasonable.
    Please feel free to correct me anytime, blunt is fine ha ha, I'm a bit slower than some here but will probably respond to criticism with more questions until I'm satisfied with my understanding. I'm not quite satisfied with finite gravity yet, and who knows maybe it will just click with me and I'll be done with it. Of course I'll have to find something else to talk about here.

    Thank you again!
    It would be the same effect but with a negative gravity wave

    I dont think entanglement is an issue, the graviton particle is theoretical.

    I too am no astrophysicist but i try to keep on top of cosmology as a hobby
    Thanx for flurballing my 2 faults.
    And for the compulsion vs good judgment froob.
    And for phoorbling those barbaric French losing the Korean War.
    Thanx for the competition of bad examples froobel.
    And for phlurbing 20 miles for the Creation Museum.
    And for the my new hot bulb engine purchase & plan furball.
    And for foolbring democracy attracting narcissists.
    And for the Yoeman Rand phlurble.
    And for flurbing inciting violence being a crime.
    And for the I hate everything froobing.
    Thanx for the pretty not petty fruby.
    And for fruballing Hamish & Angus.
    And for the pretty & modesty frubesty.
    And for flurballing pretty pretty heathens.
    And for the crucified octopus froobopus.
    And for froobing turning points.
    And for the dark chocolate flurble.
    Ta for the flub, and the quote, some difference there,
    but, what the hell.
    good to know you sir. :)
    and I, you, sir
    Thanx for the hypocritical sexism frubal (an ancient RF term for a <like>)!
    And for the evolution of bath mats fruble.
    And for fruballing turbines with magnets.
    And for the sin of pride frubal.
    And for the non-suicidal but murderous fruberous.
    And for frubal'n the article saying what it said.
    And for fruballing less than always rational heathens.
    And for the greater good flurble.
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