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  • Thanx for the Donton Abbey frubey.
    And for flurbing musings on Trump's treatment of Biden.
    And for the Biden win furball.
    And for phurlbing drug law liberalization in the last election.
    And for the immaturity & petulance as an explanation for Trump's behavior froobit.
    And for furballing election complexity & intrigue.
    And for the failed Trump lawsuits frulbe.
    Thanks for the liking of the "You Can't Touch This" song and dance on the thread regarding ....Donald J. Trump was impeached
    Thanx for the Machiavellian Democrats frubal.
    And for froobing for less imprecation unto our political foes.
    And for the splained Bible quote foorbal.
    And for flurbing The Nightmare Before Christmas.
    And for the happy Festivus frubivus.
    And for fruballing the birthday cake.
    And for the right to annoy frubil.
    You've been a good friend to me. Maybe the best friend that I've had in these forums. There's something in your posts that appeals to me a lot.
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    Reactions: Riders
    Thankyou i also like your posts
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