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Jul 20, 2018
Oct 11, 2011
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Active Member, from USA

ohhcuppycakee was last seen:
Jul 20, 2018
    1. ConfusedKuri
      was good alhamdulillah
    2. ConfusedKuri
      how was the first 10 days of muharram for you? I hope spiritually refreshing :)
    3. Madhuri
      you're hugging avatar is soooo cute! Every time I see it I go 'awwww' in my mind :)
    4. GURSIKH
      good morning ! kerry
    5. gnostic
      G'day, ohhcuppycakee. Thank you for the invitation.

      Peace to you.
    6. Renji
      Hi! Thanks for the friend request. :)
    7. Trey of Diamonds
      Trey of Diamonds
      Thanks for the friending. :-)
    8. Meow Mix
      Meow Mix
      I'm in Kansas, at least until I get to Canada in a year or so. East coast, huh? Do you get all the snow and stuff the northeast does?
    9. Meow Mix
      Meow Mix
      Whereabouts in the US are ya? You don't have to be specific
    10. Meow Mix
      Meow Mix
      I love the name! Yay cupcakes! :)
    11. Peace
      Welcome to the RF sister :)
    12. Gaura Priya
      Gaura Priya
      Maybe I just have an obsession with him. He's so cute! n__n;
    13. Gaura Priya
      Gaura Priya
      I LOOOOVE Maher Zain... Mashallah, he's sooo cute! Have you heard his music?

      Maher Zain - Always Be There | Official Lyrics Video - YouTube
    14. Gaura Priya
      Gaura Priya
      Different places call for different types of people, LOL.

      The city that I grew up in was half Caucasian, half East Indian, so it wasn't a surprise, lol.
    15. Gaura Priya
      Gaura Priya
      I did once... my friend brought me there, but it was weird because most people were either Indian or Middle-Eastern. :D I'm Filipino.

      I go to a Hare Krishna temple. We have people from all races who worship with us! We have white people (Greeks, Italians, Russians, Ukrainians), the occasional black family, Filipinos, Persians, Indians, and others.
    16. Gaura Priya
      Gaura Priya
      Was it a good khutbah?

      I try to go to the temple every Sunday for our service. But sometimes I like to visit the temple in the weekday just to meditate a little bit! n__n
    17. Gaura Priya
      Gaura Priya
      Ijust woke up, lol. I'm hoping to relax today... how about you? :D My work is night shifts at agas station... not the most fun!
    18. GURSIKH
      which other Sikh ;) forums ?
    19. Gaura Priya
      Gaura Priya
      I grew up around Sikhs and visited the gurdwara in my teenage years, since my city was half Sikh. But it never attracted me as much as Vaishnavism does. :)
    20. Gaura Priya
      Gaura Priya
      He didn't know much about religion outside of Christianity, lol. To him, Christianity is Catholicism, and God is Jesus. :P
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    ‎"The humble sage, by virtue of true knowledge, sees with equal vision a learned and gentle brahmana, a cow, an elephant, a dog and a dog-eater [outcaste]."
    - Bhagavad Gita 5:18
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