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Milton Platt
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  • Thanx for the feelings vs science froobyl.
    And for flurbing fascism is as fascism does.
    And for the problem of human atheists frubal.
    And for furballing my lawn care & composting methods.
    And for the extreme partisan inferences froube.
    And for floorbing not depending upon my recollection.
    And for the dark side of the Democrat Party fruby.
    Thanx for the opportunity serving an agenda frubal.
    And for froobing better late than never.
    And for the born not believing fruubing.
    And for furballing everyone surviving the pandemic.
    And for the accident prone Kennedy frubedy.
    And for flurbing sticking with the republic.
    And for the opaque buy minty fresh Heyo frubo.
    Milton Platt
    Milton Platt
    While my ego enjoys all the "thanks", I just wanted to point out that you don't have to take such great pains with me. I just do me, like you just do you......
    I am obsessive.
    Be thankful that I batch them to minimize alerts.
    Thanx for the confusing representation of gravity frubity.
    And for fruballing religious prudery masquerading as a human rights issue.
    And for the no Bible in Bible times frubal.
    And for the not a liar frubar.
    And for flurbing several posts in the Economics Question thread.
    And for the pro-CDC frouble.
    And for furball'n secular ethics & science.
    And for the changed church locks frubil.
    Thanx for the cordless frubal.
    And for froobing that poor cigar in the Lewinsky scandal.
    And for the spotlight fallacy frubacy.
    And for flurbing empiricism.
    And for the who found what true furball.
    And for foolbring improving the gene pool with a shotgun.
    And for the reducing rather than eliminating frubinating.
    Thanx for the socialism vector frubor.
    And for froobing discussion.
    And for flurbing not describing unknown things in detail.
    And for the Epstein suicide watch furball.
    And for fruballing believability of his suicide.
    And for the bombing & corrupting frubting.
    And for froobing experiencing the draft.
    Thanx for the death penalty frubalty.
    And for fruballing things more important than Trump's tax returns.
    And for the lesser of 2 odious evils frubal.
    And for the bounty of Democrats at the border fruber.
    And for flubring quoting Henry Ford.
    And for furballing leaning libertarian.
    And for the cherrypicking of libertarian policies you like furball.
    Thanx for the entropy frubopy.
    And for fruballing jello wrestling & foxy boxing.
    And for the great but imperfect frubal.
    And for froobong Operation Trojan Horse.
    And for the four fifths frubyl.
    And for flurbing Cosby's accusers.
    And for the socialist Pope frubyl.
    And for floorbing the difficulties of high density housing.
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