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  • Thank you for the the winner frubal. I am just so thankful to know that Christ is the ultimate winner! Have a good evening.
    KenS, you’ve got some great posts!

    Hope you and yours are doing well.
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    Thank you cousin. :) (LOL - I prefer brother/sister) We are doing wonderfully. Do pray III John 2 over you and yours!
    Yeah, I do say ‘cousin’ a lot, don’t I? Lol.
    Since I believe that A&E were literally our first ancestors, I look at everyone as my cousin — albeit distant, but still a cousin! You know, looking at people that way actually helps me to stay calm when someone intentionally tries to get me mad? It works for me! So-long, my friend. (And cousin )
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    Thanx for the inflated frubal.
    And for phurlbing the plague as excuse for a massive spending spree.
    And for the feelings vs facts foorbal.
    Thanx for the Rush & atheists frooble.
    And for phurballing the threat of feline upchucking.
    And for the sauerkraut phlurbit.
    And for foobring what Mexico must think.
    And for the newbie's breakfast furble.
    And for phloorballing some covid policies inconsistencies.
    Thanx for the no shortage of clowns furbil.
    And for foolbring seeing who they are when they get to Congress.
    And for the testing positive for religion phlurbett.
    And for furballing simplistic views on complex issues.
    And for phroolbing my being the Pope on THC.
    And for the Trump's kavorka furbal.
    And for fooblering news media mischief.
    Thanx the for hopping for improvement froobment.
    And for flurballing viewing politicians as vermin.
    And for the definition of a Christian flourbit.
    And for phuurlbing Mom choosing.
    And for the new hot bulb engine purchase & plan furball.
    And for foolbring the virus repelling mask.
    Thanx for the not bringing a gun to DC froub.
    And for phruballing just adding a "1".
    And for the RIP Max flurbe.
    And for flurbing evidence lost in the noise of bogus claims.
    And for the exactly froobly.
    And for flurballing sticking to my prediction.
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    Reactions: Kenny
    After reading these.... I declare you are no longer "Revoltigest" but rather "Thankingest" :)
    I'll continue to be revolting.
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