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  • Thanx for foorbling despising double dippers.
    And for the carnage on RF froobal.
    And for the frube...wanna buy some bacon?
    And for the physician vs epidemiologist frubist.
    And or flurbing multiple plague treatments.
    And for the mosquitoes on steroids fruboid.
    And for furballing my upset malware detector.
    Thanx for the whole lotta anger froober.
    And for furballing saving the Rhode Island Micky Mouse checks.
    And for the always violent Portland protesters frube.
    And for flurbing your path to forgiveness.
    And for the broad problem of police abuse flurbe.
    And for flurballing concern for justice for all races & genders.
    Thanx for the bellowing froobing.
    And for flurballing mild dismay at the 2020 election.
    And for the what isn't racist these days frube.
    And for foulbing everything being racist these days.
    And for the libertarian vs anarchist vs minarchist froobil.
    And for fruballing the big angry throbbing forehead veins.
    thanx for the bop
    Without Love~Life~Stuff
    We'd have nothing...

    except for what the `god's` gave us !
    Thanx for the total number vs proportional ratio froobio.
    And for the serenity frubity.
    And for flurbing personal agendas on RF.
    And for the different mechanism froobism.
    And for foolbring my entry into the mask Hall Of Fame.
    And for the federal vs state outdoor mask requirements.
    Thanx for the propaganda regurgitationist froobist.
    And for flurbing being careful around cops.
    And for frooballing racist "San Francisco".
    And for the empty pandering of Biden fruben.
    And for furballing Marxism's poor record.
    And for the John Ugo obituary frubary.
    And for foulbring the language purge list.
    Thanx for the Wu Wei picture frubal.
    And for floorbing training Wu Wei as a plague detection bear.
    And for flurballing the beautiful Hawaiian shirt.
    And for flurballing the <ew> froob.
    And for the not denied lady pro wrestler from Tibet frubol.
    And for the testification frubation.
    And for floorbling subtle dislike of Republicans.
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