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  • Thanx for the seeing Nancy Pelosi in court furball.
    And for floorbing responding to the strange Father Heathen post.
    And for the variable reliability of Covid testing flurbing.
    And for phubling a grumpy apology.
    And for the only atheists <snicker> having The Truth phurlbe.
    And for the question of more White House & less golfing flourbing.
    I wanted to say I appreciate your threads, in specific the recent stream of political ones, even if I'm a Dem.
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    Reactions: Kenny
    I really appreciate your tone on the replies... when one disagrees, we can do it agreeably. Thank you!
    Thanx for the peaceful next 4 years froobol.
    And for phroobing eschewing hostility over politics & religion.
    And for the down with no one frubal.
    And for fruballing shared blame for political hostilities.
    And for the worshiping of Obama froobing.
    And for flurbling my military coup of RF.
    And for the letting emotions become the enemy frooby.
    Thanx for the irreconcilable differences froobil.
    And for phrubling Crustymucus, RF's top sage.
    And for the white midwestern Jesus froobus.
    And for furballing fulminating prematurely based upon a title.
    And for the fulminated mercury phroobury.
    And for flurbing originalism vs conservatism.
    And for the eschewing political hostility frubity.
    Thanx for the Scientific Ameristanian froobian.
    And for flurballing successfully missing another debate.
    And for the free after dinner snack furble.
    And for froobling dying for free.
    And for the frequency of Hunter Biden's oil changing phrubling.
    And for fruballing the pervasiveness of originalism in law.
    And for the retracting my prediction of a Biden win phroob.
    Thanx for the dumbo octopus froobus.
    And for fruballing deductions, write-offs, & loopholes.
    And for the "Biden moment" frubment.
    And for flurbing Trump as the chosen one.
    And for froobing how to beg for money.
    And for the inadequate Bible education frubul.
    And for flourbing problems at the SPLC.
    Thanx for foorbling despising double dippers.
    And for the carnage on RF froobal.
    And for the frube...wanna buy some bacon?
    And for the physician vs epidemiologist frubist.
    And or flurbing multiple plague treatments.
    And for the mosquitoes on steroids fruboid.
    And for furballing my upset malware detector.
    Thanx for the whole lotta anger froober.
    And for furballing saving the Rhode Island Micky Mouse checks.
    And for the always violent Portland protesters frube.
    And for flurbing your path to forgiveness.
    And for the broad problem of police abuse flurbe.
    And for flurballing concern for justice for all races & genders.
    Thanx for the bellowing froobing.
    And for flurballing mild dismay at the 2020 election.
    And for the what isn't racist these days frube.
    And for foulbing everything being racist these days.
    And for the libertarian vs anarchist vs minarchist froobil.
    And for fruballing the big angry throbbing forehead veins.
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