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  • May you have the most meaningful Christmas with your family and friends. It was great interacting with you!
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    Reactions: Quetzal
    Likewise! A nice change of pace from the typical RF duels.
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    Reactions: Kenny
    Thanx for the loss of Carter height due to inflation frubation.
    And for phoolbring me extra finger.
    And for the touch'a touch'a touch me frouble.
    Thanx for the saying what is best said furball.
    And for phlurbing why government loves inflation.
    And for the media racial climate exacerbating froobatingl
    And for foolbring hollow attacks on Planned Parenthood.
    And for the sex work marching towards legality frubity.
    And for floorballing Biden not off the rails.
    Thanx for the hot black Jewish Russian Democrat furball.
    And for phurbling criticism of Harris.
    And for the Biden as rocket scientist floorb.
    And for furballling what happens with biased humans.
    And for the fun vs accuracy frubacy.
    And for phroobling the threat to free speech.
    And for the releasing the hounds flurbit.
    Thanx for the surrounded by genteel people frooble.
    And for phlurbing standards not always being uniformly applied.
    And for the finding home furball.
    And for the solar powered Revoltistan phoorlbe.
    And for froolbing so many things unrelated to religious liberty.
    And for the too many death wishes go'n around frube.
    And for foulbring the hatred feedback loop.
    Thanx for frooballing.....I believe!
    And for the couple'o insulting phurballs.
    And for phoorlbing Twitter censoring Trump.
    And for the proper preparation for Jan 20 froobie.
    And for foulbring the market punishing misbehaving entertainers.
    And for the bacon recommendation frubation.
    Thanx for the minimizing vs maximizing froobizing.
    And for flurbilling the birthday cakes.
    And for the not ignoring me froolbe.
    And for foolbring bogus info from OAN,
    And for the 25th Amendment optimism froubism.
    And for the jury of my peers flurbot.
    And for phurballing sharing lunch with Wu Wei.
    And for the 600# ball of tooth & claw foolbre.
    And for floorbing the dark side of enlightenment.
    And for the lack of advice froolber.
    And for froubing fighting over the unimportant.
    And for the BLM diversity frubity.
    Thanx for flurbing Revoltistan's status relative to Ameristan.
    And for the Homer Simpson vs church furball.
    And for phurlbing pleasures during the plague.
    And for the fair share argument froobment.
    And for foolbring housing assistance instead of public housing.
    And for the detail free flurbe.
    And for furballing housing regulations in my area.
    Thanx for the Polymath gif froob.
    And for phlurbing the 3 table good day.
    And for the protests up north involving Wirey flurb.
    And for phurballing Biden's winning the election only once.
    And for the laika gif foorlb.
    And for foolbring despising faithless electors.
    And for the ignorant groundskeeper standard furball.
    Thanks for the pair of winner frubes on I am exhausted and I don't think I will ever regain my trust of the US
    Thanx for the Happy Men's Day frooby.
    And for the sarchasm frubasm.
    And for phrooballing "film" vs "movie".
    And for the stereotype durability frubity.
    And for floorbling the question of how the water knows where to go.
    And for the keeping politics in perspective froobive.
    And for furballing lower expectations for humans.
    Thanx for the Trump vs Biden plastic surgery frubery.
    And for floorbing a well earned b**ch slap.
    And for the independent Taiwan flurbal.
    And for furlbing the 2020 RF poster awards.
    And for the yelling at trees & Quetzal's Pretzal froobal.
    And for the variable reliability of Covid testing flurbing.
    And for foolbring the new Tristan Da Cunha marine sanctuary.
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