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  • Thanks M. Happy Christmas to you an your family, I'm sure you will have a blast, is everyone home for the holidays ?
    I couldn't frubal you again, but I just had to tell you that I loved your post #6 to Victor in the thread where the topic of the "universal church" came up. Your response was classic and classy!
    Thanks Kathryn, you may be right, I was definately feeling a bit uncomfortable on my 3rd book on the first day of the reading marathon :facepalm: which is why I stopped posting the scary list :)

    I think the workamahol withdrawal maybe kicking in, I have a slightly obsessive nature :biglaugh: but I think it is easing off now, a rough few months followed by a rougher few weeks and old habbits rearing their ugly heads

    I am curious to know how the kindle works out, I took to digital music like gangbusters, but I can't see myself with an ebook, I can't really get into on line reading, I find myself outside of the book.
    Ha ha ha! Sounds utterly fantastic!

    Just make sure the trailer's attached to the back of the car and that you've locked the house door before you leave!


    You did lock the door, right?
    You are one intelligent lady and unlike Sunstone, I agree with much of your thinking. Enjoy my frubals.
    You really deserve those frubals, by the way. I disagree with everything you say but wouldn't give up reading your posts for anything! They're intelligent and witty.
    Thx for the frubals Kathryn! I do remember you mentioning Conan in a thread and its stuck with me all this time. :D
    My pleasure. but I think that there are plenty of sub forums on RF where people can get comfy, lower their defenses and give feedback to each other ;)
    Yikes! I have two boy's one 14 going on know it all adult and the other 9 going on pitty me I can't do anything because I'm not old enough. I agree if kids don't allow you to grow some patients then I don't know what will.
    Hi Kathryn, Thank you for the note. Yes, that is my older daughter, now 9. I have a younger daughter too, age 6. Just had to tell you that I enjoyed your posts and agree completely.
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