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  • Haven't seen you for awhile, Kathryn! Maybe our paths just haven't crossed lately, but it's good to see you posting again.
    Ah, dont we all :D its one of the challenges of our time.
    Still, im happy to see you back and posting, and like I told Sunstone, im always happy to hear when people take some quality time for themselves away from the screen.
    Thank you Kathryn!!

    I havent seen you around for a while. good to see you posting. ;)
    That was very kind of you Kathryn! many thanks, I'll be waiting for the next round of photos! ;)
    Hi there! I just popped in to say hi. Love all the pics. God bless.

    Too bad - I thought she was more logical than this. Pity. Wow, I wonder what happens when someone reports someone else? Guess I'll find out!
    Thanks for the comments on my nephew, Kathryn! Yeah, he's cute. He was a cute baby and now he's a cute 15-year old! Tall and lanky and shy around girls. One of these days, though, one of them will snag him.
    no problem like I said I had the totally wrong impression of you. Hope you're having a good day
    OK, my turn: Kathryn, if that's you in your profile pic - girlfriend, you are rockin' it! I hope I look even half as good when I'm your age. You're stunning! :)
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