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  • Am I on your ignore list?
    No of course not! I sometimes respond to you, don't I? :)
    But what I don't do is get enmeshed in some of your philosophical digressions.....;)
    It's people like Moon and Native, that talk complete tosh and are impervious to argument, that have that honour.
    I didn't want to be indiscreet on the Ave Maria thread, but I was remined of a discussion we had regarding your atrial fibrillation acting up while singing in choir, and the possibility of having your cardiologist fit you with a Holter while singing. If you don't mind discussing it, how did that work out?
    Yes, didn't show anything. Problem is, it comes on at night, not while I'm singing. But I'm getting night time episodes every 3 week or so now, almost at random, i.e. the range of potential triggers is now so large I'm losing faith in any one of them being actually responsible. I've now got concerns about tea and cheese, too. So it's getting gradually worse. Hope to get the ablation done 1st half next year.
    Ablation done 6 weeks ago. Seems to be working, though I need to be patient for the next few weeks. Have reintroduced tea and can enjoy a bit of cheese and wine in the evenings without trouble later (or not so far). A few jitters from the ticker at random intervals, but no AFib. Steady as she goes, Mr Sulu. Singing will only resume seriously in the autumn. That will be the crucial test.
    It Aint Necessarily So
    It Aint Necessarily So
    Congratulations on what appears to be a success, and thanks for the follow-up.
    Thanks for the informative and like frubes on French Communist Party runs candidate for President
    Being new here I held off calling Breakingsoul nuts when he first started making bizarre claims. However he started claiming to have disproved scientific theories almost as soon as he got here, and set alarm bells off. Well done for spotting him, his reaction says it all really.
    Yes, he is nuts I'm afraid. Normally I don't persecute the mentally ill, but this guy is a damned nuisance and devious with it. He pops up in sciforums from time to time which is how I recognise him.
    Thank You for the reminder:"Knowledge of good and evil"in "How literally do you take the Bible?"
    Having seen your takedown of some quantum woo, we’re going to be friends now. I declare it. You’ve no choice in the matter.
    • Like
    Reactions: exchemist
    I was hoping we might be. Creationism and quantum woo are pet peeves of mine, as is the notion that religion and science have to be opposed to one another.
    Thanx for the slow phrubal.
    And for furbling unpopular music.
    And for the 3 Stooges in Iran floorb.
    And phurballing the ease of taking plague precautions.
    And for the haggis vs Sussex Pond Pudding frubing.
    Thanx for flurbing 2016 faithless elector advocacy.
    And for the wide multi-state conspiracy against Trump phoorball.
    And for the not necessarily not crazy fruby.
    And for phurbling David Prowse in A Clockwork Orange.
    And for the real socialist country froobry.
    And for flurballing "social market economy".
    And for the being in business furball.
    Thanx for the 127 year old frubal.
    And for floorbing better supported accusations.
    And for the improved Mt Rushmore flurbe.
    And for furballing science from radio ministries.
    And for the sympathy haggis for Sean Connery phroobery.
    And for phoolbring this being a family friendly forum.
    And for the evil twin of Malcolm McDowell flulbre.
    Thanx for the John Steed's cheekbones flurbit.
    And for floorbing unscrutinized President Harris.
    And for the BLM vs policing & criminal justice reform froobal.
    And for furlbing my Nov 2020 choice.
    And for the link hated by my malware detector frubor.
    And for foorballing the Chinese being part of the problem.
    Thanx for the P2P loan problems froobe.
    And for flurbing Delta banning the stupid seal.
    And for the where where frubil.
    And for foobling alternative cement.
    And for the new airplane design froub.
    And for furballing the Politician Voter Complex.
    And for the misplaced OP flurbe.
    Watch out. You're at risk of "getting reprimanded" for posting in the Judaism DIR, i.e. in "Lifespans of the not so rich but famous".
    Thanx for the Wash DC history froobery.
    And for furballing the Fugio Cent.
    And for the less bellicose Ameristan froobistan.
    And for flurbing not too soft on crime.
    And for the correct spelling of "tyranny" fruby.
    And for foorlbing banks & stock markets.
    And for the Helix frooblix.
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