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  • Welcome back, Doc! This is the easiest forum to navigate I've yet found. It just takes a while to feel at home. Getting to know people will take the longest. The diversity (good kind of diversity) is amazing here. Features I use most often:
    - TODAY'S POSTS to see the latest & hottest threads.
    - HOME to find a category when starting a new thread.
    - USER CP (control panel) to see if anyone liked a post enuf to leave me a frubal (brownie point).
    - Click on your moniker to get to STATISTICS to find threads you started & your latest posts.
    No one else makes it so easy to find what yer look'n fer.

    They have sections called DIR (discuss individual religion) where if you ain't of that faith, you are allowed only civil questions. So you can discuss your faith without a huckleberry tossing feces at you.
    Carefully. It's best to stick to one forum section at a time until you can navigate it like us oldies. And, read the rules and ask many questions.
    It was called "Question for God Bashers" the responses and mud slinging have gotten gotten more absurd as time goes on.
    That is too much! And too sad! I did not get to welcome him! He is on the HOC under a few names right now, but banned as Jeremiah at this moment.
    TK managed to get banned within an hour of showing up.
    I guess they thought he was a little too hostile.
    You'll never guess which Anglican priest showed up with a big chip on his shoulder here today!
    I was the first to respond to his first post.
    (I already informed BS.)
    Let the fun begin!
    So Bible is Murph.....the same Murph at that other site, eh?
    I had no idea that he was such a rascal!
    I checked into Toe's bio....I see he's still sore at me, & a little paranoid. Good!
    It still be unfamiliar. I don't know these new people. THC has the advantages of friends & familiarity, but at least my toes don't get jammed up here.
    BYW, I love the Hibiscus flower avatar thing, too. I am a gardener by trade these days, but have always been fond of the Hibiscus.
    Hey, thanks! How do you do that PM thing? OK. I'll figure it out. This place does possess a certain allure...I just hope to figure out how to make it all work so that I am able to follow it all.
    You aren't alone! I've been a member for...maybe a week...so I'm still wrapping my head around everything as well. A conversation would probably best be had via Private Message (PM) if you want to communicate directly and hash out individual topics in a more organized manner. I'd be more than happy to discuss and learn from you!
    If you are referring to my "Spiritual Quest" thread, I posted it in the journal section so I'd have a collective area to jot down my thoughts and questions as they came to me, because the list grows longer. I didn't mean for it to be "another" thread of the "same" topic, sorry. I thought my other threads were more specifically gauged towards one question and not my spiritual journey in general, so I apologize if I seem repetitive - I admit my "Seekers" thread took a turn in a personal direction but that wasn't my intention at all when I first wrote it.
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