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  • i am good :) how are you doing? right, i don't see you around much lately. i don't make posts myself either though.. nice to hear from you :)
    Hah, sounds incredible! Reminds me of my work experience earlier this year, got to work in a genetics lab for a week. It was pretty awesome ^^ So how long did you get to work there?
    Yeah, it's been a while. I really have to start using msn more :p I'm good thanks! How be you?
    Yea I know. I just feel bad for kind of giving it up :( But then again, I was raised Jewish and I like it a lot :)
    I'm afraid so... =/ Something about Sikhism made it hard for me to stick w/ it... :(
    Thanks a lot :) I am hoping that I "stick" to it so to say. Anyways, it's great to see the Chindian again :D
    ahhh thats pretty awesome mate you be sure to send me the link if you do it would be nice to see you young uns articulating yourselves. (and im a horrible speller i gotta learn to check what i write!)
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