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Jul 7, 2022
Feb 9, 2010
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Well-Known Member, from England/N.Ireland

tarasan was last seen:
Jul 7, 2022
    1. angellous_evangellous
      Not sick of it at all. I'm tired but I have a plan for the rest of the dissertation (2 chapters + conclusion. Lots of work.
    2. Revoltingest
      Willie is channeling Freddie Krueger for Halloween.
      Thanx for the Democratic Party founded to defend slavery froobery.
      And for fruballing Harris encouraging violence.
      And for the Congress as evidence against God furble.
    3. angellous_evangellous
      Slow and steady. Just finished chapter 4 of 7, now halfway through 5. It's just incredibly long and tedious. Thank God for Jack.
    4. angellous_evangellous
      He asked us to ban him I believe
    5. Penumbra
      Well, I don't view her has emoish because she wasn't complaining about things. She just did what she had to do, and was the toughest one on the team. FF makes the main character sort of secretive and introverted, rather than an open book, but in this case, not really all that emo. (Now someone like Squall from #8 was emo.)
    6. Penumbra
      I liked the battle system, the main character, and the artwork. I very much disliked the plot and the linearity. I'll be getting FFXIII-2 when it comes out, but chances are, it'll be bad like FFX-2 was. FFVII was my favorite.
    7. angellous_evangellous
    8. angellous_evangellous
      Doing fine... just going slow.
    9. Just_me_Mike
      Well, I am ashamed of my actions, but grateful to be welcomed back. Thank you.
    10. Meow Mix
    11. Meow Mix
      Meow Mix
      No I'm not using transworld sanctity, I'm pointing out an unwarranted assumption in TD that shows it's question-begging and/or circular. Also no I wasn't aware that it changed in 2009, do you have anything I can read to catch up on it?
    12. angellous_evangellous
    13. angellous_evangellous
    14. Meow Mix
      Meow Mix
      Haha! Well, yes, I succeeded just the other day. It was a psychedelic experience.
    15. sandandfoam
      Hi :)
      I disagree with many Christians who think that it's necessary to believe this that or the other. I think Christianity, religion, and life generally is about living and doing. Believing is less important.
      I'm just doing it. Trying anyway.
    16. Rainbow Mage
      Rainbow Mage
      Well I won't deny I still care a lot about the Church. I was raised in it and I loved it. I left it because I no longer find myself able to accept much of what Christianity says and be mentally honest with myself. If you take my meaning.
    17. Rainbow Mage
      Rainbow Mage
      Well to be honest this could end in the excommunication of the US Episcopal Church, but I hope it doesn't. The US Episcopal Church has been the US rite of Anglicanism since the country's founding. The Communion is moving toward declaring American Anglicanism a valid rite, which is more conservative then the US Episcopal, which could make things more complicated. American Anglican Church is much more conservative, very.
    18. Rainbow Mage
      Rainbow Mage
      I don't see the homosexuality issue as being something destroying the church. Historically, Anglicanism has been moderate and progressive, that's why it calls itself via media. It was one of the things that made me proud to be Anglican. As for the split in the church, this is what the African Episcopal churches do everytime something doesn't go their way, so I see them as the real problem. When I was still Episcopalian, I remember Rowan Williams coming to the US, I went to see him in New Orleans, and he said that it's his ruling that homosexuals can be lay persons, but not clergy.
    19. Rainbow Mage
      Rainbow Mage
      Do you think Anglicanism is falling apart over the homosexuality issue, or just undergoing a change? You can't see it as anything other then falling apart if Anglicanism liberalizes on issues?
    20. Rainbow Mage
      Rainbow Mage
      Well what mould do you think you do fit? I guess I associate Anglicanism as liberal because the US Anglican rite, US Episcopal, is very liberal.
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    Im a guy trying to find more about the world. I believe through discussion we can understand.


    The great blessings of mankind are within us and within our reach; but we shut our eyes, and like people in the dark, we fall foul upon the very thing we search for, without finding it.
    - Seneca
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