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  • lol that was a pretty formal response... I was actually already wondering about that already prior to seeing your posts... but you are absolutely right, indeed many members of other religions do seek to keep off-topic posts free from their DIR.

    Also I wasn't being anti-Jewish when I was asking that. (just sayin')

    You know that person not getting your joke was pretty funny. I have observed that many gentiles as matter of fact do not quite get Jewish humor and I would say this is because of the intellectual level that is required to grasp the humor. There are many talented Jews in the field of comedy. Jewish humor is quite advanced, many a times dealing with the intricacies of detail and complexity of situations and mainly being sarcastic. Which means that Jewish type of comedy would be good written as scripts. Which is the case.
    I guess I COULD just PM you right now, but, NAAAHHHHH........

    Life has been wonderful lately. I know I sound redundant when I say that I'm exhausted, but I'm happy. Lots of opportunities keep opening up for me, more people in various parts of the country have taken note of my work, and I've been getting prompted to travel by other groups in order to have me teach them.

    Let's just say that I've been told that I'm "writing the book" on how I do what I do, and others want to listen. Time management is now not only crucial, but the only thing keeping me from losing my sanity. LOL

    But enough about me. I've missed you my dear man. How have you been? Enjoying your blissful marriage? :hugehug:
    Hello Caladan just a thought on my foolishness "He dares to be a fool, and that is the first step in the direction of wisdom" ;)

    As a side note, where is that thread where you showcase your marvelous time in England.
    LOL I didn't even mean to invite you to that thread! I hit something wrong on my computer and all sorts of screens hopped around and then I accidently logged off right in the middle of a retort on that thread. I have no idea how all that happened! New laptop...
    Hi! Caladan would you please move my "Christians believers only" thread on the "same faith debate" page. Thanks FS.
    Yayy! that would be great! Are you on Facebook, add me, i am Kat Hume, if not, i'll pm you my phone number. Would be great to see you and your wife-to-be! :)
    Hey I was just browsing through some of the pictures you posted and I must say that I am envious of your trips throughout the Middle East and apparently Europe as well! Very cool.
    הלו? זו רוח רפאים על הקו

    I was sent this (read through Google Translate, my Hebrew is very basic). Laughed at it, thought I'd show you. :D
    Awwww..... So good to know One's teasing is appreciated.... :flirt: :hug:

    *feels all warm and fuzzy* :D
    Thank you for your encouragement. Hey, you may want to check out my blog - It's been fun to put together!Achilles Tendon Drama
    Hi, Caladan!

    I have been a bit out of the loop - first I had surgery on my Achilles tendon, spent one week in a Vicodin fog and the next discovering the allures of blogging - and then I went back to work and had to catch up! I've just this past week dived back into RF, and to be honest, I'm probably still not quite up to my old self. This injury and subsequent surgery has really put a whuppin' on my life and I guess my psyche. It's hard to be disabled, albeit temporarily. I am learning to have new empathy for anyone who deals with physical limitations on a regular basis. I had no idea how it saps your strength and creativity - not to mention your sense of self esteem! Gad, I hate the way I sound even as I type this. Long story short - my plan is to continue to recover and hopefully resume life as before as soon as possible. I had no idea an achilles tendon could wreak such havoc in one's life.

    Please ignore my whining - it's not me, it's my evil twin! Fondly, Melanie
    Hi Caladan hopfully next month my book will be published, it is a POD book it will be uvalable also in E-format. What I wont to know is, if I can promoted the book on the forum. The book is a religious book and the title will be (THE WAY GOD TOLD IT)
    I know, it's miraculous really,
    neither do mine.

    No blisters either.:rolleyes:

    Good thing the thread is about guys.

    I don't miss a day.
    But I have no partner to take care of me right now.
    Only the ones in my imagination. ;) :flirt:
    (in the end they make me do all the work)
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