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  • See that? So much to do over the 'manly members'

    when it's the hands we should all be worried about. :yes:

    So what about tired, chaffed hands then?
    Blisters even! :eek:
    Enough is Enough!
    Though every male should have a woman
    to take over,
    when his hands gets tired.

    You know...
    so he doesn't get corpal tunnel or anything like that.
    (it's a health issue thing):p
    Awesome photos! But for the life of me, I can't fathom why those folks at Avebury don't clean the stones out of their corn fields. You'd think those stones would play havoc with their tractors.
    Hi Dan,glad you had a good time,i have had a look at the pictures,i am waiting for the Avebury pictures to come up,its oneofmy favourite places.
    Well, then we can both agree that you're not going to see London's cornfields. Must be a certain somebody who's in London is where you'll be spending most of your time. ;)

    Ah, you're busy too. I'm sprinting everywhere working, teaching, networking for my studio I'm opening, meeting with my advisors, and now I'm training to become a high-end fitness instructor in vibrational training (technology started in Russia, developed in Holland, and brought to the U.S. about ten years ago. Very cool stuff.

    But dang I'm EXHAUSTED! :D
    Yes, I saw that. :)

    I'm jealous of London, btw. Wish you were travelling to southern Illinois to see our corn fields, but I understand most people find more enjoyment in the history and the entertainment within London's city limits. *sigh*

    How's life been treating you?
    thank you for directing me to your Jerusalem video/pictures. simply beautiful. :)
    Gah! Lost Internet connection for a bit.

    She sounds divine, and I'm sure she's in a lot of your thoughts. That's awesome! :hug:
    I'm good. Very good - people in the community here are either talking about my talents and my commitment to the arts or they're talking about my horrible horrible character. I'm ecstatic...they're talking. ;)

    I love how you called me a Diva. I had a coffee mug designed with "Diva" written on it, and I wasn't the only one buying it either. It caught on briefly with other women. But at this moment I'm drinking some tea with my Diva mug. :hearts:

    How be you?
    Totally. Seriously, anyone who considers a holy book as a scientific reference needs his head examined.

    You're welcome. :D
    Well, his father is a bit of a conservative Christian (my friend is not) and his father meets up with a lady that lives there I believe. She is possibly a historian there, I can not say for certain.

    The only bad experience he spoke of (and I know you didn't ask for bad experiences) was when he took his wife, he said some people threw rocks at her for wearing a shirt with no sleeves. In my ignorance I asked if they were muslims, and he said they were Orthodox Jews????
    He said they have been wanting to take a kayak down one of the famous rivers??? Not sure which one.
    Overall he said it is just a great place to eat, shop and play, yet learn and visit many historical places.

    He said sabbath is greatly observed there in the sense that areas go real quiet and then when it is over, it comes alive again. Is that true?
    Oh BTW, I might be taking a trip to you land. If I do, it would be cool to hook up for a day or something. We're looking at springtime as of now.
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