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  • I am still 14. I really cannot wake up early for a job... I know it is bad, but i am too lazy, once again, not proud :D

    I hope that you get a new, better-paying job. God will take care of you, as he/she already is :)
    That's nice! Grow some strawberries, lovely they are.

    I still play football ocasionally, it gets hard because i live a distance from my freinds, so its not every week. But i play with the lads around the area a bit, so its all good :D

    Glad to here everything is good for you too :) Everything is just perfect :) Of course, except for that recession.
    Everything is great here, summer is here! Everyone is always in a happy cheery mood at school, life is good :)

    How is everything else for you? I hope it's all going good.
    thanks for the fubals, ayani. i hope to give some in return.
    and i am happy that my reply helped you.
    Thanks for the frubals. :) That cute lady hugging a manatee is me, as drawn by my cartoonist boyfriend.
    Thanks for the frubals and, furthermore, your kind words. What a fantastic start to my day today. Thank you!
    Hello Ayani,
    As you enjoy religious debate maybe I could ask you to vote for the legitimacy of a Miracle in 2006. Please have a read of the following page :
    www. creativecausations .com (no spaces) and go to Miracle Vote.
    Thank you.
    CreativeCausations . com
    new year greetings to you AYANI , may peace joy , light surrounds you :Ball:
    hello Ayani , thanx for posting video/post related to religions having few member on this forum such as SIKHISM !
    Friend Ayani,
    If you are serious about Bollywood; can try and put you up with a schoolmate who is a National award winner cinematographer and a director in Bollywood.
    Love & rgds
    Wooooow, i'll be the first to post here haha :D

    I hope you are doing great in your life, ayani. :)
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