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  • The point I was trying to get across was that I don't tolerate ignorance. Everyone has a right to believe in whatever God or belief they choose and that is good. It is when people take their beliefs and try to tell everyone else that they are wrong and are damned to go to hell is when I feel that it is ignorant. I spit in the face of ignorance which is the God/idol/deity that Drs seems to want to portray. I feel as though he is manipulating the true teachings of the scriptures. I don't think it is how Jesus ever meant for anyone to portray him.
    Peace and utmost respect.

    Sorry, I did not realize you were being sarcastic. Perhaps I need one of these...:slap:
    hello UNITY

    what is

    Thank you for those quotes from the gospel of Thomas. They make a lot of sense. Shows that humans are not just "cast-outs" from the Garden of Eden. We were right there all along. We just don't all realize it. The Kingdom of God is all around us and within us. All is One. Only our minds separate us from that oneness.:D
    Friend UnityNow101,
    It is rather the other way round.
    You help me keep myself awake or awaken me when and where sleep takes me over.
    Thank you for all your friendship and kindness.
    Love & rgds
    Y M C A......lulz....I followed your song/prayer link,moved onto a lovely girl singing "ty for the grace* which was heavy effeminate beauty...maybe threw me (ahem)..reminded me of amazing grace,very beautiful...

    If you pierce the grey mists to reveal lush green you are in void,void is not unique to void,it is prevalent in all things & just my label....If you see a large crow on the back of a large dragon,make sure & hail me...Andra/Indra....Andrew....I'll pm you some dogma on void if you like.

    Great love,


    *YOUNG MAN! dee dee de-de-de-de,ah say.....
    White lotus/lilly makes me irridescent/light being,we were sexless which I understand now the reason why.....there was a ring of wood nymph dancing,I stuck with you....who was the guy(?) in the golden mask,did you see him?

    You know the Void very well,it is just the space.

    It is self defining,only one site I know is truly voidian,you shall recognise it.

    Now I am not so dissapointed we went straight to the higher levels,for I am all for brotherly love,just not brotherly intercourse.



    Oooh,you make me feel all warm & fuzzy..I love your energy,so beautiful,wonderful love enrgy..*breathes in deeply the sweet refreshing air*

    Nice place sister,very wonderful*hugs tree,hugs girls,fly's into void*

    eh are we doing ritual?widdershins :)

    Great Love,
    Hi Unitynow,you caught my attention somehow & I visited your place(here),checked out the first 8 parts of Jeremy's link before leaving so ....Well met anyway buddy,can't put my finger on the link yet.

    Great Love,


    I believe in Unite,Combine,Unify (with your *self* first & foremost,in great love.)

    I'll find out your perspective in due course.:)
    Oh, the word didn't bother me, it's the disappearing act that did. I was trying to think of something to follow it & all I had come up with was "hot air"...not so good :( but when I quoted you it had already been changed to honor.
    Thanks for the props. I feel everyone should try to get the message out so people can be truly informed about their future and who's controlling it. I have seen all the ziegiest movies and agree with you regarding the one about religion. Have you checked these out yet? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0o6mccnnfU
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