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  • Hi Love! :hug:

    Some good stuff happnin here. :)

    Hope you're all well and happy and all that.

    I'll call you soon. Probably next week.
    Love to everyone.
    Hi Nanda
    I just joined here today and put my 'religion' as atheist pagan. I see you are similar in your description. Any threads here that deal with this idea?
    Nanda, I have so many things to tell you.

    I'll be in touch relatively soon.
    I do so hope you're all happy and well.

    We're all sick.

    You were all better of having not come anyway
    as it turns out.

    I'm sorry for the way my life is right now,
    that's how it is.

    At least we're not dragging out the inevitable any longer.
    Glad you've had no flooding problems personally.
    Sorry I missed you in the chat. I was busy PMing you.
    Didn't know you had come in.
    Oh well. Read my PM then. lol

    Oh yes, I'm here at work watching season 1 of Big Love.

    They finally got it in at the library. :D
    Hi Sweetheart!

    Do you have a few minutes for me in the chat?

    If not I'll send you a PM, and call you tomorrow afternoon?

    Hope you're not having problems with all that rain. :(
    Have to run off to the chiropractor.

    I hope to call you later,
    if only just to say hello,
    and hear your voice.
    Heya Beautiful. Have a wonderful Yule.
    *holds up the mistletoe* :flirt:

    *Big huggzzz to everyone from me and Em*
    Ooooh! you're on.

    I'm coughing up a storm over here,
    but as soon as I finish my salad (5 min?)
    I'm going to call.

    We'll see how i do.
    *rolls eyes at self*
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