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Peace be upon you.
Peace and mercy of Allah be on you……Some people think that religion deprives them of their freedom and place restrictions on them. But Allah the Exalted has said: “…….and (He) has laid no hardship upon you in religion…….” [Holy Quran ch 22:v79].

Thus the religious laws of Islam are given to save humanity from all types of hardships and calamities and to bring mercy and blessings for them. Being creation of God if one does not follow His commandment he will be misled by Satan to destruction.

There are things, which are considered trivial in the beginning, but results are devastating. A true believer should never consider a commandment as small.

These days, drifting away from religion, people’s criteria for good and bad has changed. For example, on the name of freedom and fashion, nudity among men and women is becoming common. The sign of being progressive is to practice shamelessness openly. The thing called modesty does not remain.

As the result, questions about issues of modesty and modest dress may arise in the minds of growing Ahmadi boys and girls too, who live in such societies. They must remember that we, as Muslim, must follow the teaching of Islam and Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) about modesty and covering. Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) explained Islamic teaching for us. He said modesty is the part of faith.

Ahmadi men and women have taken oath to give precedence to faith over worldly matters and it will be proven when they shall act according to teaching of Deen.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) said, “.. People are stressing on immodesty like like Europe but it is not appropriate at all. This very immodesty of the women is the root cause of debauchery and immorality. The countries where this immodesty is accepted, look at their moral condition. If due to their openness and immodesty, their chastity and purity is increased, then we shall accept that we are wrong. But it is very clear that when men and women are young and there is openness and uncovering is present too, then how much dangerous would be their relationship? Casting bad eye and often overcome by the emotions of self is characteristic of human. And then in state that imbalances take place about covering, and people do debauchery and immorality, then what would not take place in openness? Look at the condition of men that how they have become like an unbridled horse. Neither there is fear God left, nor they believe in the day-of-judgment, worldly pleasures have been made their deity. Thus first of all it is necessary, before correcting this openness and uncovering, correct the moral condition of the men. And if it is corrected and men have developed at the least such moral strength that they can not be overcome by their emotions of self, then at that time open this discussion whether covering (purdah) is essential or not? Otherwise in present condition, to stress on the matter that there should be openness and uncovering is like putting goats before lions. What has happened to these people! that they don’t ponder at the results of actions. At least they should use their conscious to see if the condition of men is such reformed that women should be brought in front of them without purdah.”

Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) said that every word of Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) is showing picture of the evil seen in the society these days. Every Ahmadiyya Muslim girl, boy, man and woman should increase their level of modesty and save themselves from the evils of society.

It is the responsibility and Jihad of parents, especially mothers, to teach children by their own examples how to practice Islamic traditions and values and avoid poison of so called developed society.

If one has Will, ways to practice teaching of Deen are found. Doctor ladies and those doing research works can do their jobs with modest dress / gowns and hijabs / caps, examples are present. But permission cannot be given for such common jobs, like banks, where makeup is used and there is no special (covering) dress…..For Haya / modesty, modest dress is essential. Currently the way of full-covering is the part of modest dress. If this covering is softened, changes will be brought to modest dress too by excuses, they would get the colour of this society where immodesty is already on the rise.

Worldly people are pursuing practicing religios people, especially Muslims, to drive them away from their religion. In Switzerland, a girl filed case that her school bounds her to swim with mix gender class and she do not want this way as she feels it is againt modest. She requested permission to swim with girls only. Human right people said it is her personal right but it is not such a big issue that decision should be given in her favour.

Thus when matter comes to Islamic teaching and modesty of woman, the human right organizations begin to give excuses.

So Ahmadis should be very careful in such conditions. If swimming is compulsory in schools then only child little girls can do so by wearing full swimming dress called burkini these days so that feeling of modest dress should develop in them. Parents should tell children for separate classes, and efforts should be made.

Anti-Islam forces are trying hard to finish religion on the name of freedom of expression and freedom of conscience, in such manner that blame of forceful finishing religion do not fall on them and they are considered as sympathizer. It is like attack by Satan on religion in sugar coated way.

We should remember that, in this era, the duty of renaissance of Islam is assigned to the Jama'at of Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace), and for it, we shall have to make complete effort, and bear hardships. We do not have to fight but we have to deal with these people with wisdom. If today, we accept their one demand, which is related to our religious teaching, then steadily prohibitions will be placed on many of our teachings. We should stress on prayers that may Allah the Exalted enable us to courage and ability to counter these satanic moves and help us.

If, and surely we are, stand at truth then one day our success is for sure. Teachings of Islam will prevail in world. Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said: “ There is determination and courage in truth. Liar person is always coward. The one whose life is involved in uncleanness and dirty sins, he always remains scared and cannot compete. Like a truthful person he cannot express his truthfulness, with bravery and determination, and cannot provide proof of his chastity. Ponder at worldly affairs, who is there, whom God granted some good standing, and he does not have envious people. For every good standing person, envious people surely grow and remain attached. Same is the situation of the religious matters. The Satan too is enemy of reforms. Thus human must keep his account clear and keep his relationship correct with God. Make God pleased, and then should not be afraid of anyone, nor be anxious of any, must refrain from those matters, with which will incur wrath by itself. But all this cannot happen without Invisible Endorsement and the Divine favour. Only human efforts cannot bring any good results unless Fazl of God too is present with. Kholeqal insane zaifa. Human is weak, full of mistakes, troubles have surrounded from all sides. Thus pray should be done that may Allah the Exalted grant the strength to do virtues and make the recipient of favour of Invisible Endorsements and grace.”

So, with prayers, we have to convince the world. For this there is need of making strong connection with God the Exalted.

We should remember that other religions are not for ever. They appeared at their time and fulfilled needs of their era and ended. That is why numerous trimming and changes has been done in their religious books. But Islam is safe till now. Islam is to stay forever. Teachings of Holy Quran are for till Qaiyamat. That is why we should make effort to practice our teachings without any feeling of inferiority, and remain firm on that, and tell others that what you say is against the Will of Allah the Exalted, and will take to destruction.

Islam is not a religion which clutches human in wrong restrictions but it has aspects of softness in it according to need. To save human life and bring out of trouble, as real object, male doctors can be consulted. There is no hard purdah in such cases.

Satanic powers want to steadily eradicate boundaries set by Deen, and finish the religion.

Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) said: We, Ahmadis, have to make Jihad (struggle) against it. It is only possible when we shall give precedence to Islamic teaching over every thing, and bow before God the Exalted so that we get successes by His help. There is no Jihad of sword in the time of Promised Messiah (a.s.), but there is Jihad of reform of self.

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