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  1. F

    Where can I find reliable answers to my Islamic questions?

    If you're looking for a trustworthy source to ask and find answers to your Islamic questions, consider visiting the Islamic Sawal Jawab site at Darulifta Ahlesunnat. This site provides a comprehensive collection of Islamic questions and answers, covering various topics related to Islamic...
  2. Massimo2002

    Why does Confusion and ignorance and depression exist ?

    These the don't benefit me and probably everyone else In any way whatsoever so why do they exist ? What is God's reasoning here ?
  3. C

    Spirit Orbs Are Real and This Video Proves It

    I've always believed in the paranormal. But this YouTube video which I have seen many times throughout the years I could never ever explain. I ocassionally come back to watch it. It looks like a spirit orb and that's it. Some have argued it's a moth but this is impossible as moths do not leave a...
  4. Massimo2002

    A long drawn out contemplation about my life and other things

    I regularly go on a website called locanto and my sex advertisement almost always gets ignored I would like a pretty young adult girl to respond to my ad but it doesn't happen and the only people who seem to use the site are prostitutes and older men wow what a disappointment. I have days like...
  5. T

    Is religion just a protracted daydream?

    Casting our minds out to try and picture the unknown or invisible seems to be a natural human activity. We all wonder about what other people think and feel about us. Under pressure or expectation we can project catastrophe or pleasure into possible futures. This ability presumably started with...
  6. Samael_Khan

    Spiritual Journey 3.0

    Hi guys, RF is a very important place for me. Before I became a member I stalked these threads for years because I was investigating different religions, as I was raised Catholic and then became atheist, and at that stage my curiosity was reinvigorated by the book The Great Controversy and the...
  7. Melchizedek99

    Why do some Atheists say Christianity is harmful?

    Obviously not all Atheists claim this, most atheists dont really care about ones faith. However there are some atheists who claim Christianity is harmful as a religion. They tend to be more on the antitheist side. My question is why? And how? How is christianity in any way form or shape...
  8. AnthonyGiarrusso

    Will Artificial Intelligence Make Artificial Religions?

    Will Artificial Intelligence Make Artificial Religions? AI already has the capacity to copy and learn from human made data. Could it be possible that AI makes fake or a synthetic blend of human religions to create an artificially made religion by the AI itself?
  9. AnthonyGiarrusso

    What makes your religion that you practice special to you?

    What makes your religion that you practice special to you?
  10. AnthonyGiarrusso

    Modern Sciences Helps Promote Religions.

    As you may already be aware of, I'm a podcaster on 6 different platforms which allows me to share information world-wide. The science of podcasting technology is also helping billions of people connect with their religions and other religions to gain an understanding of cultures, from my opinion...
  11. AnthonyGiarrusso

    Should freedom of religion grow in the many countries of the world?

    Should freedom of religion grow in the many countries of the world?
  12. AnthonyGiarrusso

    Power of Relics

    Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and many other religions have relics. Sometime their small trinkets spanning into weapons and even human body part remains or full bodies. It is fascinating to me that so many people would treasure these relics for so long. It really shows how...
  13. AnthonyGiarrusso

    Does having a religion make you a better person?

    Some people might believe that the religious are supreme to the non-religious while the non-religious might seem themselves as supreme to the religious. o_O
  14. Mr. Ed

    Taken me a lifetime to believe as I do and I still have questions

    Why do Christians primarily follow Jesus instead of god? While god may be in the house, most prayers and worship services praise the good news of Jesus from the new testament. During my days at church I felt praying to Jesus was a waste of time there praying to god made better sense to me...
  15. ppp

    Sex and Religion

    As I mentioned recently, the only people I hear claiming that people routinely confuse sex and love are people who belong to religion with sanctions against sex outside of marriage.
  16. Courageousignition

    If there is no god. What's the purpose of this life?

    I believe Human beings were created, for way more than working a 9-5, raising a family, then dying. What are your thoughts?
  17. P

    My Understanding along the Journey

    What I would be sharing here as the Title mentions is My Understanding of Scriptures especially Islamic , because I have studied , heard, debated and grew up(still) in that atmosphere. But when faced with extremely challenging situations in life , I couldn't find some answers which increased my...
  18. Exaltist Ethan

    Unity within Religious Groups

    The Baha'i Faith is a very interesting religion. It allows its members to do virtually anything they want and remain a Baha'i. If you are gay and want to have a gay marriage, you cannot have a gay Baha'i marriage, but you can get married the secular way if your government permits it. There's a...
  19. Exaltist Ethan

    Poll: Basic Theology

    Theism/Atheism - Belief in God axis. Gnosticism/Agnosticism - Knowledge of God axis. Pistevism/Apistevism - Faith in God axis. I'm really having fun making these polls in Interfaith and poking at the brains here in RF. Similar to my theology poll, this poll doesn't name specific theological...
  20. Exaltist Ethan

    Poll: DIR Forums

    There is a thread in the intro forum here that asks which religion you are. I find several issues with that poll. It focuses on established religions and nearly 50% of people said either nonreligious or other, myself included. The DIR forums have a broader reach overall and pretty much everybody...