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ThrUU the Looking Glass
Never heard of it. Judging by your username, you might have more luck in the LHP DIR.


ThrUU the Looking Glass
LHP would still be your best bet. Give me a sec and I'll dig up some links.


Vaguely (Post)Postmodern
I can't say that I'm overwhelmingly familiar with the OTO, but I did research it during my stint as a Thelemite (and subsequently for some research on the connections between Crowley's ritualism and Wicca).

Sacred Texts has a nice collection of Thelemic documents. It's primarily A.'A.' materials but there's a good deal of crossover with the OTO.

Temple of Thelema • Index page is probably the best Thelema forum online. It's mostly dedicated to the College of Thelema and the A.'A.', but Jim Eshelman is extremely knowledgeable about all things Crowley-related and is probably the best resource that I could refer you to.

I'm sure that you can use google and have almost certainly found this, but the OTO's website is an obvious starting point if you're interested in joining: US Grand Lodge, OTO: OTO Membership

Hope some of that is helpful.


Unrepentant goofer duster
A forum I like recently had a thread about it here.

I have many friends I respect deeply who have been members of the OTO.
While most are still Thelemic, none are members any longer.

But this could be an issue with my local lodge.
Actually I take that back I have a friend in Philly who is still part of the lodge there.
It really depends where you are. But "Breeze"-ism has taken its toll.



I have been an active member of OTO for 5 years in UK.

OTO is primarily a Thelemic Freemasonic Fraternal Order, the teachings of which are based around the principles laid out in The Book of the Law. It has two central magickal rites - Liber VX - The Gnostic Mass and the Man of Earth Degree Initiations.

OTO encourages discipline, responsibility and organisation. It offers assistance to its members in their own unique spiritual paths through fraternity and encouragement and through the philosophical teachings explained through our magickal rites.

If you believe in True Will - OTO is the best place to be.

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