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Jan 4, 2013
Jul 1, 2011
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Unrepentant goofer duster

Sylvan was last seen:
Jan 4, 2013
    1. Heathen Hammer
      Heathen Hammer
      A side note: I did as well, right after that posted :D Winning! We have tiger's blood.
    2. Iti oj
      Iti oj
      Still makes me sad. Though gotta say i think i learned a lot from the thread and those who posted in it. As well as had an informative test run for the people i mentioned.

      Lastly.nice to see an active thread in the magic dir. We need more going on their...

      To be honest the thing that upset me the most is that i respect you and your opinion greatly. So it hit home twice as hard.
    3. Iti oj
      Iti oj
      Im sorry if i offended you or if ny thread was fos
    4. Iti oj
      Iti oj
      z(_つ__つ pikachu :D
    5. Iti oj
      Iti oj
      Im having a hard time with my reply to you. I think im just gonna tell a personal story. Its just long and complex and yeah
    6. Iti oj
      Iti oj
      responded and thank you
    7. Iti oj
      Iti oj
      I saw its obvious you put a lot of effort and time into and i want to do the same but im on my phone right now have not gotten to the laptop yet.
    8. Secret Chief
      Secret Chief
      You clearly have great taste in music! :yes:
    9. jasonwill2
      you responded to my topic like 5 minutes before I woke up and was gonna ask it to be deleted o.0 Anyway I decided to leave it up because you posted.
    10. Iti oj
      Iti oj
      you i responded to your post in the cain thread i found you to be inspiring in that thread =D
    11. hindupridemn
      wishing you a wonderful day!
    12. Orias
      Thanks for the frube :D
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