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Is Genesis 1 confirmed by Dr. Hossenfelder?

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by questfortruth, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. metis

    metis aged ecumenical anthropologist

    Aug 27, 2013
    ecumenical & naturalistic Catholic
    The value of Genesis 1:1 & 2:4 is not because they're supposedly science or history but because of their allegorical content, imo. The science simply doesn't match these creation accounts, and trying to put the two together is a lot like trying to jam a square peg into a round hole.

    Instead, it appears likely that these accounts were written to counter the earlier authored (about 1000 years) and much more widespread polytheistic Babylonian account. Thus, it's the basic faith teachings found within the Creation accounts that's most important by far.
  2. exchemist

    exchemist Well-Known Member

    Apr 24, 2018
    RC (culturally at least)
    Well no, Hossenfelder is a real doctor, as her Wiki entry testifies.

    The misuse of her ideas on this thread is where the wackiness sets in.
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  3. Nowhere Man

    Nowhere Man Bompu Zen Man with a little bit of Bushido.

    Mar 7, 2009
    Bompu Zen Buddhism
    Oh. I see what your saying.

    People taking the words of legitimate physicists and reforming them into religious ideologies that does not reflect the actual science.
  4. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    Microbes the word states a microbe and nothing else.

    Garden Nature by its billions of diverse forms....states the Garden Nature and nothing else.

    The same for animals.

    Then a biologist says and next a human being exists, as added on information to a near life form, an ape.

    Yet the ape is not added onto......the first place where science is proven to be a liar.

    For when a human tries to claim, and an ape said....and so I will now create a human past my own self, as a God theme.....is a proven liar.

    No human existed...no information to claim how to create a human....for a human has to be living first to own all self identification as the living presence before you can speak about it.

    What all science as science lies about.

    A natural spiritual Healer, self aware as a human in natural life always knew what to say and what action medically to take on behalf of their own humanity.

    And the rest of you are all just self consumed egotistical liars.

    As the truthful fact of the reason that science was once inferred by the title Satanism.

    For when a scientist infers information from any past, their owned personal original intent was to remove self.

    By such conditions of the medical profession conscious psyche appraisal, how it came to be medically termed as the Christ Consciousness.

    When a human claims that they are a forced prisoner on a Planet named Earth by their human thinking, and a God entity, by definition O mass and maths and naming....in science.

    That very exact quantified psyche appraisal of the human being self told self that as they believed that they are a prisoner on Planet Earth as a spiritual self, then that self had come from a higher place.

    And to infer a higher place in creation, is that it is not in creation, why the term stories of where did I come from is applied consciously as a human race...and that term is a high realization of self appraisal, SPIRIT.

    What science has always denied was any sort of reality in their science references....by defined term reference self egotism.

    As the fact of all of your owned SCIENTIFIC arguments.

    For such realization as....your brain or chemical function did it. Well we all are human you know and if you were not a human then you would not be owner of any realization of personal change...to express and relate those changes.

    No says the biologist liar or scientific converter of mass liar....you spiritual self are wrong...for if we believe in your terms and definitions, then science is a proven fallacy itself. Our egos will not allow that defined status.

    As the truth of how wrong you all are.

    The story of why a human says spiritually and consciously that they are a prisoner on Planet Earth is stated by UFO radiation converting mass history.

    Therefore if you own a status that says, since when is a string from microbe to microbe body established? Not true. Since when is a string from Nature body to nature body established? Not true. Since when is a string from Nature body to animal body established? Not true. Since when is all the bodies in the life of an animal strung together as detailed relative evolution....to then get to why a human being exists?

    The scientist says by the act of human sex....as use of identifying human information to the past...but then says it is animal sex.

    In life on Earth.....2 human being parents existed as humans x mass ownership of parents. They had human sex to own a human baby, as relative information to being a human, separate as a human and not any animal....in the factual use of real information today.

    To talk about a past when all animal life is deceased...and all human life in the past is also deceased is a proven evil of the human egotist.

    Ask a human why a term of law became a form of spiritual religious idealism.....because science is a liar. The only reason it was implemented and a control given to its status. Yet science tries to infer the history of religious pursuit was just with evil intentions....when in fact the history of its pursuits was to overcome the evil intentions of science.

    For when a natural spiritual human says as a life and mind.....Nature existed first, then animals and then humans and accepts that reference as its own reality. Lives naturally and tries not to harm anything in this reality...is the only truth that any of us own....and it is totally ignored by any egotistical scientific expression.