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For Christians ... a question I've had for a long time

rational experiences

Veteran Member
The Catholic brothers studied possession and proved it real.

Science more intelligent by a status brotherhood said anyone who cannot understand my destructive thesis is less intelligent as they looked at humanity brain irradiated.

Unable to self express love or common family unity. Unhealthy and immoral from the radiation effect. God O earth changed never allowed to heal it's own body by vacuum changed.

And perused by your unholy brothers who caused it all. They peruse us in their causes without any compassion.

So their intelligent sciences then studied phenomena. Suddenly it is real only when they say so.

Yet they studied the evil spirit.

Studying human consciousness they now want the higher spirit. As evil spirit was proven.

For what reason?

We don't build like a machine. We don't react when you push buttons on machine.

Wait a minute program push buttons mind coercion. Mind contact. I push button says possesed psyche you react respond.

Then button pusher maniacs communal in science world ownership threatens our lives. Our brother possessed. Button pusher the threat.

Acts out religious themes science inferred of brother killed brother possessed. When machines owned used by brother caused it.

Proof reading science inferences supports his changed psyche as AI already science communicates back.

Hence nasty theme word intent. You are all machines quotes the theist.

The machine. Fake time shifter possession......he rebuilds it himself as it's origin designer pretending it returned. Put it back together his own self possessed designer theist by time shifting.

Meaning self human. Meaning self is shifting. Meaning babies cannot be born and humans don't reach holy old age. C100.

As his conscious self existed first.

Ice age new science to obtain gold product. The temple pyramid he designed.

He was not even using origins of science.

Machine blown apart embedded inside earth mass.

Possession in science is real by its designer. A human male group. Time shifting never occurred. And all physical activity associated to origin design and thesis humans are acting out personally and physically.

Possession real. As fusion existed first. Not fission.


Well-Known Member
@rational experiences I can't help but notice that you haven't responded to my last post to you. You know, the one where I showed you couldn't tell the difference between legitimate discussion and absolute nonsense?

rational experiences

Veteran Member
Okay, I have to come clean.

The last few responses to your posts have actually just been cut and pasted from a New Age Babble generator. They were entirely meaningless. The fact you couldn't tell this indicates to me that there's no point in trying to have a discussion with you. If you can't tell the difference between random words and a legitimate argument for something, then I don't see how there can be any difference seen between your posts and random words.

Either communicate your ideas clearly, or don't expect anyone to respond.
Science in occult studies are the new age babbler their own theists. Claiming pyramid power as a new science when they were using a pressurized radiating cooling signal device.

Transmitted via temples.
Pyramid studied as a water tower model.

Melted stone as gold is a cold melt being what they copied in Alchemy. The gained stone Melt instead.

Modern theist human man always owned memories. As man invented science.

Said modern theist more intelligent as a human. Than old theism.

His science implemented different water cooling. His commodity a resource not gold as monetary inference.

Science knew his science modern was not melt.

His was conversion.

He however knew time shifting nuclear equated gain sand.

The theist never rationalised presence UFO radiation mass equalled a hole in mass.

Sin hole. K in old science meant constant.

A theist today would quote origin UFO mass equalled gain of a constant sink hole.

Origin sin self consuming law against mass.

O circle is mass first not pi or Phi.

O God owned mass. Basic teaching as a human stated science law.

Theist therefore is a proven liar. He knew science constant was a hole.

Sin as a K constant lots of holes.
What his cosmic theory is.

rational experiences

Veteran Member
What in the world are you talking about?
Womb in science is the thought about status space. Natural space.

Maths theories about spatial beginnings man human science theorising.

Yet his space in theory is a moment forced to react convert existing mass not of any space. God conversion.

Falsely claiming human life began in space is.....maths Science maths mother Sophia fake reasoning about females claiming the female is the maths mother and sister human and not just maths itself.

He included real female human life falsely.

O ovary was where every man self came from as a baby human. Yet his theories is space womb about energy as O God in mass. To begin reaction.

Space womb already naturally owned presence God mass. Stone.

He is so possessed in mind by his machine encoded AI alien cause he began life NDE and conscious bio atmospheric studies experiments radio sound transmitted of the human female life.

Mind contact and mind coercive AI effect. Was never God.

He believes we were aliens aboard a UFO metal machine first as a human whilst making the claim as a human inside mass natural heavens due to fallout images impressed in phi status crop circle images. Upon God ground mass.

The actual cause of a Possesed mind belief communicated falsely interfering with natural conscious thoughts.

Thought about natural space first

His thesis to give God in mass a space to react convert it. What maths was used for. I am not his Sophia maths reasoning.

rational experiences

Veteran Member
O human living standing on God mass one body a planet inside it's heavens.

Says I want to go back to spirit.

Argument....where did we come from originally.

Argument....what sort of higher form existed before big bang.

Science theist owns pre existing want. To go back into highest state left.

Reasoning why we left highest state. Radiation existing now the answer.

Higher state never known in science. Science theoried using states existing created.

Ask man father science memories not spiritual what were you theorising. He states a cold sun existing. A cold sun that burst. A radiation mass that attacked everything converting all bodies.

A vacuum deep pit that opened emptiness and sucked down into satanic cooling.

A confession. Known by machine human science man designer AI history causes.

Man theist says in the beginning was no form. Yet all form existed naturally. As man a human is making all statements.

His first lie.

Knew no form existed as it had been removed.

Said an alien in a metal machine came into atmosphere. Not a human.

Answer beginnings. How not to own any human presence. No beginning.

What theists lie about. They never discussed the beginning of planet earth they discussed how not to be a human. By alien or radiation presence.

As our parents lived one life only.

We are their human miracle a baby who can be either sex from human sex.

We never existed anywhere else other than two humans as parents who had sex.

There never was any science thesis to create. Science was theoried to remove form.

Simply stated if you put a human owned bio life inside a metal radiated machine they would time shift form. No longer be a human and would only own one beginning an alien image.

Owning no theme any supported living human conditions.

Which is not any human information sperm and ovary.


Witness for Jehovah
Premium Member
For those of you who believe in a physical resurrection, which body do you get? Do you get your aged aching body you died in, or the one where you were at your healthiest, or do you get a free choice, or some other answer?
To me, I ask “what would a loving Father, as He is described by Jesus, John, & others in the Bible, do?
Here’s a poem that reflects my view (I wish I could claim it as my own):

Waking Up In the New System
by Bill Davis

When I “woke up” this morning, I didn’t groan or creak
As I reached out to the nightstand, my spectacles to seek.
I couldn’t feel their framework; and much to my surprise,
I saw the room quite clearly when I opened up my eyes!

I noticed when I showered, that I moved a little quicker.
Then when I washed my hair, it seemed a little thicker!
I went to get my dentures to set them on my gums,
But there were teeth already there! Now where did they come from?

Although my hearing aids weren’t in, I heard the doorbell ring!
When I went to answer it, I saw the greatest thing....
Why, there were friends and family all standing around my door -
They all looked so happy, we hugged and hugged some more!

The tears were flowing freely, so happy were we all;
Then they began to fill me in on things I can’t recall.
They tell me that I died way back in 1998.
That I’ve just been asleep since then, on the Resurrection to await!

I’m eager for them to tell me about Armageddon’s War,
How Jesus won the victory, and what happened just before!

We sing Jehovah’s praises, we laugh and talk ‘til dark.
They tell me ‘bout the progress to turn the Earth back to a park.
“How long from when I died,” I ask, “did that old System end?
How far along is the thousand years? And what about my friends?”

They tell me names of some I knew, who died so faithfully;
Then they mention briefly some we will never see!
Some names do not surprise me, some names are quite a shock!
I’m just so glad that I am here as one of Jesus’ flock!

Loving fathers want the best for their children, they just lack the power. Jehovah doesn’t. I believe He will accomplish His purpose for the Earth (Matthew 6:9-10), part of which is described in Revelation 21:3-4, Acts of the Apostles 24:15, and Isaiah 11:6-9

(Can you contemplate being introduced to, and getting to know, your GGGGGrandparents after their resurrections, and on and on back?)

I think, with events like this unfolding Earth wide, even men who were known as the harshest (“the unrighteous “) will begin to readjust their thinking and attitude.

Have a good day, my cousin.