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Fermi Paradox has disproven Darwin and UFO


Well-Known Member
Define pseudoscientific. Pseudoscientific by whose standards?

Did you ever hear of the thought experiment called Schrödinger's cat? A cat is placed in a sealed container with a vial of poison. The vial is designed to open at any time. The question becomes is the cat dead or alive?

As long as the container is sealed, the cat can be either dead or alive. We will not know for sure, until after the container is opened.

In terms science and pseudo-science, as long as the container is closed, such as dark matter not being provable or disprovable in the lab, the theory can be true or untrue, depending on politics and resource allocations.

We need to open the box to see if the cat; theory, is alive or dead. Schrödinger's cat is a way for pseudo science to appear as science, but only as long as evidence does not or cannot open the door to the box.

In the case of Schrödinger's cat, if we opened the door, and the cat was alive, the assumption of the cat being both alive or dead has been proven wrong. It was always one way. Two ways was an illusion, due to the darkness of the sealed box. This short term illusion stemming from the closed box, can be turned into a mass delusion, as long as the box remains sealed. The Democrat inquisition behind closed doors is an example of a Schrödinger's cat box.

Science is full of theory that once ruled academia, only to be replaced when the old box was finally open by new evidence. Science can magically become pseudo-science. This is resisted since those who sit at the big table, are not going to give up their seats, without a fight. Nobody wants their research to become obsolete.

There is often a struggle to keep certain boxes closed, so Schrödinger's cat can continue to apply. This can be seen in the contemporary attempt to discredit any scientist who disagrees with man made climate change. Science is not about falling in line, like a religion, but rather about individuals boldly seeking the truth by looking under any rock they can find. If you forbid that, than a box is very fragile and is threaten by the truth, since that truth can cause science to become pseudo science.

When Galileo change the way we viewed the heavens, he opened a Schrödinger's cat box. This was very threatening to the status quo, since the science of that day, would become pseudo-science, and a new box would be created with a different Schrödinger's cat.