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Early American History was Intertwined with Faith

Discussion in 'North American Politics' started by KenS, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. shunyadragon

    shunyadragon shunyadragon
    Premium Member

    Mar 23, 2017
    Baha'i Faith
    As usual I will continue to hold your feet to the fire concerning these anecdotal stories from evangelical sources that have not been independently verified.

    From: Fox's Starnes Embarrasses Himself With Another Bogus Culture War Horror Story
    Fox News reporter and serial misinformer Todd Starnes failed to disclose that the source for his latest bogus religious liberty horror story is the vice president of sales at the publishing house promoting Starnes' latest book - a book that, conveniently enough, warns of growing "intolerance" against American Christians.

    On March 29, Starnes reported that five-year-old Gabriella Perez had been rebuked by a teacher for trying to pray in her Oviedo, FL school lunchroom. The girl recounted the alleged episode in a YouTube video posted by her father, Marcos Perez. Starnes' report featured an original interview with Perez, who told Starnes that he had long had concerns about "issues and agendas we see in the culture war."

    But on April 1, the Orlando Sentinel raised doubts about the credibility of Perez's story. According to the Sentinel's report, none of the staff who could have been at the cafeteria at the time of the incident recall witnessing the student being spoken to about prayer. The staff member who allegedly spoke to Gabriella Perez hasn't been identified, and the school has reiterated that it has no policy prohibiting students from praying.

    The Sentinel also revealed that Marcos Perez is the vice president of sales at Charisma House, the publisher of Starnes' soon-to-be-published collection of religious liberty horror stories, God Less America: Real Stories from the Front Lines of the Attack on Traditional Values (emphasis added):

    School officials have not interviewed Gabriella, who was pulled from the school by her parents the day after the video was posted. The Perezes said they accelerated existing plans to home school her. Her father is vice president of sales at Charisma House, a Lake Mary-based Christian book publisher. The company is currently promoting the book "God Less America: Real Stories from the Front Lines of the Attack on Traditional Values," by Fox News host Todd Starnes. Starnes reported on the lunch prayer controversy for Fox News Radio. Marcos Perez said he did the interview with Starnes because "I'm passionate about the cause." He seemed distressed by any notion of ulterior motives. Using his family to promote a book "would be egregious," he said. "I'm a father first, a VP of sales second."

    I can go over the whole list if you like documenting these questionable sources,
  2. fallingblood

    fallingblood Agnostic Theist

    Nov 20, 2009
    Here's the problem. We have no idea what Marcion actually did. There is the possibility he cut things from Luke. There is no evidence he did, but it's a possibility. Its also a possibility, one that is being accepted by more scholars, that Marcion simply had a proto-Lukan Gospel. As in, a version of Luke that wasn't complete (complete in the sense we see it today). This actually works out really well, as we know Marcion had some version of Luke. We know that Matthew and Luke share material (so much so that a hypothetical gospel was created, Q). It is very possible that instead of Q, there was a proto-Luke gospel that exists in what Marcion had. From what we know of Marcion's gospel, it was largely sayings, and it fits.

    So its not the same thing, or at least we can't say it is. Jefferson, in his correspondence, is clear as to what he was doing and his reason why. We know he had no issue with Jews. The portions he kept were Jewish. Some have even suggested that he was Jewish (unlikely, as he never converted), but the reason it has been suggested is because he subscribed to many Jewish ideas.
  3. Falvlun

    Falvlun Earthbending Lemur
    Staff Member Premium Member

    Nov 11, 2008
    “In 2010 the Texas State Board of Education adopted new, more conservative learning standards.

    Among the changes — how to teach the cause of the Civil War.

    One side of the debate: Republican board member Patricia Hardy said, "States' rights were the real issues behind the Civil War. Slavery was an after issue."

    On the other side: Lawrence Allen, a Democrat on the board: "Slavery and states' rights."

    Ultimately the state voted to soften slavery's role, among other controversial decisions, and these standards became the outline for publishers to sell books to the Texas market — the second-largest in the country
    .” Source

    On one side you have “there are more liberal college professors than conservative ones.” On the other side, you have conservatives literally rewriting history books to suit their views.
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