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Continue Virtues Learned in Ramadan, Afterwards


Peace be upon you.
Peace and mercy of Allah be on you…Ramadan brings unlimited blessings and those who understand its reality they get blessings from it. Many people wrote letters (and still writing) to Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) that in these days, being enabled to offer obligatory Salaats in better way, they were enabled to offer Nawafil (extra Salaat), to hear Dars of Holy Quran and Hadith, to offer Traweeh-Salaat, and then to offer Tahajjud. Likewise, they were enabled to recite Holy Quran completely.

The writers write it too that their condition in these days was extraordinary. In these days of Ramadan, they were enabled to get: spiritual delight, acceptance of prayers, blessings of Allah the Exalted and certainty about Being of Allah the Exalted. They say, Allah the Exalted showed them these scenes and created this condition only and only due to His favour and not because of any of their excellence……. They write, please pray this state may always stay, and may they do not lose and waste the acquired favours of Allah the Exalted and the spiritual delights in this month, due to their any carelessness, weakness, mistake, arrogance, any unlikeable act or not paying rights of Allah and rights of people. They say: May Allah do so that we always continue to get all these blessings.

Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) prayed: May Allah do that, as they express their desire, those who actually did effort to get blessing of Ramadan, even if some shortcoming and weaknesses were left in them, may Allah the Exalted bless their efforts which they were doing, by His favour and forgiveness, and always continue the reward, which He continued to do in Ramadan by His mercy and mughferat. May He keep on increasing the levels of those who received high levels. Those who continue to do nominal effort, may He continue to make their steps move to better-ness…. But every person should pray for themselves too that now our steps should not fall back, rather move ahead. Effort too should be made to never avoid fall and slip back from the achieved status in paying rights of Allah and rights of people. And not only make the steps firm but seek ability from Allah the Exalted and do effort to progress according to own capacities and pray. May Allah the Exalted keep on enabling us to do so.


Allah the Exalted have drawn attention of His servants about Dua (prayer) in various ways, and has said I come closer to you…..In it only Ramadan is not mentioned but He said whoever is anxious and comes to me being restless, I hear his prayer. He says “ammain yojeebul muztarra eza da’aa” (Or, Who answers the distressed person when he calls upon Him) ……….“wa yakshefussua” (and removes the evil)……… “aa ellahum ma’Allah ” ( Is there a God besides Allah?)

It is only Allah the Exalted Who listens to the prayer of distressed, removes his troubles, when one call Him in this state.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said regarding this verse: God the Exalted, at a place in Holy Quran, told a sign of His identification that your God is that God Who listens to the prayer of restless ones.

Allah the Exalted says: “uduni astajiblakum” (you call me I shall listen your prayer)


So despite our weaknesses, Allah the Exalted showed us scenes of acceptance of prayer and His nearness in Ramadan. These are shown to draw our attention that we should do effort to keep the obtained-nearness of Allah permanent.


There is no restriction for Allah the Exalted that He would come closer only in the month of Ramadan or whether a person practice or not, Allah must have to grant nearness in the month of Ramadan. … This month or these days, made special by Him, these are to draw attention. When there is collective attention as Jama'at (group), weak people too pay attention. Otherwise, His announcement is for all times “inni qareeb” I am always near you. So come and get blessing from My nearness. As you make special effort as Jama'at in Ramadan to come near Me, that is why I increase the blessings by My special benevolence. … Otherwise, drawing attention to prayers, and telling the means to get nearness of Allah the Exalted, Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said: Our Lord is the most near to servant in the middle part of the night. If you can do, at that time, you should become among those who remember Allah, or if you can become so, you must become.

So, in Ramadan days, many people have acquired habit to offer Nawafil, if they make effort to be regular in it, and do Dua for it too, and sleep at night with strong resolution, they can always get benefit from this nearness of God the Exalted……. And when the nearness of Allah the Exalted is present, human comes in His refuge and enclosure. And this nearness, with the nightly prayers, and in day time too, is obtained by remembering Allah the Exalted and doing worships.


Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said in warning style about the remembrance of Allah the Exalted: The example of doer of remembering of Allah and not doer is as alive and dead.

So Allah the Exalted has kept these means of life, nearness, and acceptance of prayer for us for whole year. … Limiting the self for few days (Ramadan) and not paying attention to the words of Allah the Exalted for rest of days makes human dead. If we have to get real life, it is essential to remember God the Exalted in rest of the eleven months of the year too. In a saying, Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) has commanded to do zikr of Allah the Exalted and to keep remembering Him.

A riwayat (tradition, Hadith) tells, Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said: I command you to remember Allah a lot. And understand the example of zikr, as a man is being chased very fast by his enemies, till that man, by running, took refuge in a strong fortress, and survived to fall in the hand of enemy. Similarly, human cannot get rid of Satan but with the remembrance of Allah.

So Allah the Exalted has not kept in His enclosure in special days, but His announcement of “inni qareeb” is for all times and every where. His strong refuge-centers are present always everywhere. And their doors are always open to give refuge to a momin (true believer) and His alert security guards are standing at these places to stop Satan and to save virtuous servants of Allah the Exalted. … If human by his own unwise-ness, to avoid his enemy, instead of running towards the refuge centre of Allah the Exalted, begins to walk to dangerous paths, it is his fault and it is the acme of his foolishness.

So, in Ramadan, we have done effort to come in secure enclosure and to get refuge in strong fortress, now we should use all precautions to remain in this refuge. Let it not be so that due to our carelessness we may come out of fortress and fall in the hand of our worst enemy. Thus, it is needed for everyone to do prayers and to do virtues all the times so that we should always live in the refuge-center granted by Allah the Exalted. Keep focus in doing prayers and zikr of Allah the Exalted.


What should be the state of our prayers and how we should do prayers. About it, Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) says:

Remember, God the Exalted is very Independent. Unless, prayer is done a lot, repeatedly and with anguish, He does not care. Look! If someone’s wife or child is sick, or a hard case is made to someone, then how much anguish he gets at these issues. So until true throbbing and state of anguish are developed in prayer, till then it is completely non-effective and useless work. The anguish is condition for acceptance……For whom the person prays, an ache should be in heart for him.


Person prays for himself and does with lot of pain, similarly as Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) said person prays with a great ache for his dears, spouse and children. But it is our duty, a duty of momin, by coming out of personal circle, pray a lot for Jama'at, Muslim Ummah, own countries, removal of horrible dangers hovering over the world. And pray such that it should rise with ache in heart. Prayers should not be superficial.


Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said: My religion is that one should not exclude enemy too from prayer. As much the prayer will be vast, that much benefit will be for prayer-doer. As much one will do miserliness, by that much he will keep on going away from nearness of God the Exalted.

So this too is the means to get nearness of Allah the Exalted that person should not remain limited to his self in prayers but he should make his prayers vast. There is so much mutual closeness in today’s society and world, that when person prays for others, he brings benefit to his self too. In addition to reward by Allah the Exalted, the apparent worldly benefits are achieved too due to mutual effects.

Reference: More about world condition, increasing dangers, need of wisdom and restraint by leaders and our responsibilities ..... in Friday sermon (June 30, 2017) by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah help him with His Mighty Help) , UK, alislam.org -- mta.tv