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  1. Ella S.


    I open this thread out of a genuine interest to hear other users' thoughts on the virtue of temperance. I'm particularly interested in those who try to live in accordance with temperance and what advice they might have for others who might be doing the same. I have a few questions: 1. What is...
  2. TransmutingSoul

    Godless is lack of Virtues.

    God is likened to the Sun, the source of light and life. Thus Godless is the exact opposite, it is darkness and death. So from a faith perspective, Godliness is being made alive in the light of God which is all the virtues. In that context, a person of faith is to look for the light, from no...
  3. TransmutingSoul

    No other Path to Unity but God.

    This is a follow on from the New Athiest Humanities Downfall? It has been recorded. "The well-being of mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established. This unity can never be achieved so long as the counsels which the Pen of the Most High...
  4. TransmutingSoul

    Rehoming Adoption

    Well, what can one say about a world where this happens and in America. The age of immorality has brought about disposable families and has eaten at the very meaning of being human and part of humanity. Where does this end? Regards Tony
  5. TransmutingSoul

    No Doubt about Proof.

    This has been the subject of many past posts, but I hope to deliver it in a different way and a different light. So how can it be a person can Logically have no doubt about the proof and evidence that brought them to God? What is it the Proof and Evidence for Faith in God, the Spirit that...
  6. Samana Johann

    Where do discussion on virtues take place here?

    Coming here across, taking on/an account, looking a little around, my person thought of where, in a multiculti forum may general discussions on virtues, such as generosity, moral, renouncing, concentration... take place. Looking a little over the forum struction, it has been not seen yet...
  7. Cary Cook

    Humility Is Not a Virtue

    Humility is not a virtue; it's a social ploy to facilitate solicitation. Court scenario: 2 guys before a judge: NotHumbleGuy: Judge, give me what I deserve, because that's your job. HumbleGuy: Your honor, please give me better than I deserve, because I'm asking humbly. In an unjust world...
  8. DawudTalut

    Prayer, Duaa - reality, requirements, effects and aspects

    Peace and mercy of Allah be on you....By the grace of Allah the Exalted, Jalsa Salana Qadian was convened from 29 to 31 December. Regarding it, a Friday sermon and an address to concluding session by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) from UK was broadcasted via mta.tv. ... In...
  9. DawudTalut

    Wisdom, reality and spirit of virtues - Vie with each other in virtues, avoid evil

    Peace and mercy of Allah be on you.....Allah the Exalted tells believers, your goal should always be ‘fasatabequl khairat’ i.e. you should always make effort to move ahead of each other in virtues. Allah the Exalted pronounced that, doers of virtuous deeds as the best creature, as said...
  10. DawudTalut

    Continue Virtues Learned in Ramadan, Afterwards

    Peace and mercy of Allah be on you…Ramadan brings unlimited blessings and those who understand its reality they get blessings from it. Many people wrote letters (and still writing) to Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) that in these days, being enabled to offer obligatory Salaats in better way...