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  1. Truthseeker

    Song for Peace by Kitaro

  2. nPeace

    What Do You Expect...?

    What do you expect in the coming years - for attitudes and conditions to get better, or worst? I used to live in a fairly clean district, but now, it's unsightly, since the neighborhood changed. In fact, the country I live in, has become unsightly, in many many areas... one could say, 'all over...
  3. Truthseeker

    2nd Baha'i World Congress, Day 4

    Yesterday, I was looking up other youth conferences after seeing a video of one yesterday and stumbled into complete videos of all 4 days of the 2nd World Congress in New York in 1992. I never got there because we had a 4 year old autistic kid called Michael that we felt we had to take care of...
  4. MatthewA


    This is for you: In this Material World : Have you ever heard about the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls? This is a 4 part history of the Dead Sea Scrolls from finding them, and even uncovering more. At the end will be the conclusion. Hope that it helps you understand what the Dead Sea...
  5. danieldemol

    Is the world heading towards authoritarianism in the short term?

    Hi, I was reading this article about authoritarianism today; Freedom House downgrades India to ‘partly free’ And it got me thinking, is the world overall sliding into authoritarianism in the short term?
  6. questfortruth

    World as Fairy-tale

    Time is an illusion, many sages say. After all, why do we see the number 2020 on the calendar and not 2010 or 2022, if we exist and are alive not only today and now? Therefore, the wise men should be put on a scientific track: time is real, but the passage of time is an illusion. A fairy-tale...
  7. Thomas Anderson

    Love and Light: An ethical solution for world homogenity?

    This will be my first post, so please be kind. I am Thomas from Norway. Nice to meet you. I say: If you end suffering, you end most of the sins. Create peace, and a nation will evolve. Into unity? This was always my dream. Can all religions find unity through common humanist ethics of Love and...
  8. DawudTalut

    One Year Progress Report - From Address by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V- Jalsa Salana UK-29 July 2017

    Peace and mercy of Allah be on you…In the address of this day [2nd day of Jalsa Salana], blessing of Allah the Exalted on Jama'at are mentioned. Brief mention from the reports is presented. This year, by the favour of Allah the Exalted, Jama'at has entered in a new country Honduras, and now the...
  9. DawudTalut

    Continue Virtues Learned in Ramadan, Afterwards

    Peace and mercy of Allah be on you…Ramadan brings unlimited blessings and those who understand its reality they get blessings from it. Many people wrote letters (and still writing) to Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) that in these days, being enabled to offer obligatory Salaats in better way...
  10. DawudTalut

    Prove by Your Good Model & Character,You have Adopted the Good Path:Patience, Salaat, Convey Message

    Peace and mercy of Allah be on you. [2:154] O ye who believe! Seek help with patience and Prayer; surely, Allah is with the steadfast. In human life, many problems come which are to be faced. Human personally passes through many difficulties. Such situations develop where patience is the only...
  11. DawudTalut

    How to Get Good Life: Starting from this World into Hereafter, in Accordance with Divine Pleasure

    Peace and mercy of Allah be on you. "Know that the life of this world is only a sport and a pastime, and an adornment, and a source of boasting among yourselves, and of rivalry in multiplying riches and children. This life is like the rain, the vegetation produced whereby rejoices the tillers...
  12. DawudTalut

    For Peace and Security in the World : The Essential Prescription for Survival of Human Life

    Peace and mercy of Allah be on you…Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) said: Whenever I have opportunity to sit with representatives of the press of the world or with non-Muslims for questions-answers or talking, they certainly ask the question in one or another way, directly...
  13. DawudTalut

    Patience, Steadfastness, No Retaliation, Be Sympathetic, Be Righteous – The Promised Success is Sure

    In this era, to spread the promised message of God, it is essential to exercise patience, steadfastness and not to use worldly methods of use of force. Excellence in righteousness and connection with God is required for the gain of promised success...
  14. Brickjectivity

    Saving the 'World' how often do you think about it? (poll: names not disclosed)

    Is this on your mind?