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Bones....What Have You Broken?


"Be strong", I whispered to my coffee.
Premium Member
Oof... That's scary

Thankfully my hardware hasn't set anything off yet. I went in for a MRI a couple years back and and didn't have the hardware rip out of my arm, so thumbs up to that

How long since the hardware was fitted, it does resolve in time. There is no trace of mine now

Mock Turtle

Oh my, did I say that!
Premium Member
Mine amounts to: three ankles - two at one time possibly from a previous weakened tibia (torsion fracture whilst climbing); one collar bone (cycling of course); and one fractured knee (as a child and in a playground). Probably fairly lucky as to such given the opportunities I've had to break things. :eek:


Oldest Heretic
A broken thumb, when skating.
A broken big toe, run over by a field gun.
Had to have the nail removed again when it grew back growing straight down.
Several ribs cracked when rugby scrum collapsed. Still somewhat caved in.
Never had anything in plaster.

Wu Wei

ursus senum severiorum and ex-Bisy Backson
Broke the right Ankle 3 times
Separated the right clavicle twice


Veteran Member
I recently took an inventory.
I've had....
2 broken fibulas (left & right)
1 broken & split tibia
1 broken wrist
1 broken collarbone
1 broken & wrecked finger.
1 finger with an avulsion fracture
? broken ribs <-- Never counted how many

How about you guys?
I've got my share of bruises and scratches but never broke a bone (at least not my own, I broke someone else's finger once). My ankles are both messed up from too many strains as is my right knee. I have scars (barely visible now but needed stitches then) on my face, hands and legs.


Well-Known Member
Premium Member
Are we talking about only our own bones or including breaking the bones of others?