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Absurd and Bizarre


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What are cheesy grits?
Basically wet sand with melted cheese and butter...



"Be strong", I whispered to my coffee.
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What would you consider absurd and bizarre?

Shouting at strangers in the street, blaming them for verbally abusing him.
Taking water from a river because tap water is drugged.
Throwing food away because the guy who lives in the roof space has poisoned it.
Reporting car registration numbers for being obscene.
Emailing MI5 (a branch of UK security services) about people on the street who look dodgy.
Talking to the news reader on sky or bbc tv news... and getting answers.
Constant anger.

Just a few of the oddities I've had to contend with on a daily basis from a full on schizophrenic.

Mock Turtle

Oh my, did I say that!
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What would you consider absurd and bizarre?
One for me, punishments that tend to exacerbate any original offence and which might ensure that the punishment is often perceived as being too draconian, and hence where anger and revenge often will form in the mind of any so treated. Love, where is thy sting? But then perhaps, crime and punishment are so easily wedded in the minds of the righteous. :fearscream:

We Never Know

No Slack
Gosh I love kale. It feels so healthy, and it's the hardiest of all vegetables, especially greens. We're still eating it out of our garden. We generally freeze a bunch of it. Cheap food, but then I've been feeding my body, not my taste buds for about 50 years now. The doctor didn't really like the idea of a tastebud transplant to the gut, so I used mind over matter.