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A song a day

an anarchist

Your local anarchist. God is Love is Love is Love
Been getting into Björk lately. She's a goddess <3 I'm in love

Found this song yesterday it POPS

Exaltist Ethan

Bridging the Gap Between Believers and Skeptics
After two albums with Rob Fisher Simon Climie went solo with an album called Soul Inspiration in 1992. The music video below is for the title track of the album. I own the album on CD, for some reason it's still not available on Spotify, yet Climie Fisher is...


The Hammer

Premium Member
Let's post a song a day on this thread. I'll listen to every song posted on this thread.

What song descirbe your mood today? Or what's stuck in your head? Or whatever you want!

I'm presenting Hang on to a dream by The Nice

The lyrics are about a man still in love with a woman who leaves him I think. Makes me want to cry. I too, sometimes hang on to a dream.



"Be strong" I whispered to my coffee.
Premium Member
Todays song is really quite important to me.
My parents got it on following a Rolling Stones concert in Hyde Park. So i can truly say i was conceived after this...


an anarchist

Your local anarchist. God is Love is Love is Love
Mary, Mary so Contrary (1969) by Can

I'm working on a cover for this song, gonna do my first recording today and see how bad I sound... Might hire a singing coach so I can realize my vision for this song
P.s. day off today so I can listen to all these songs on this thread :^]