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  1. S

    Christianity and earlier religious traditions

    What do people here think of the theory that states that Christianity can be disproved based on the things in its writings that have been taken from other religious traditions? I've been researching this for a while, and I've found a lot of interesting information on it. This article summarizes...
  2. W

    Inconsistencies within the Christian narrative

    Has anyone else here heard of the theory that many of the characters, events, and themes depicted in the Bible were taken from earlier religious texts? After researching this for some time, I find it very interesting how many things in the Bible also appear in earlier writings. According to this...
  3. vampire

    Hello i'm a new member here

    Anything about Vampires,dark magic,paganism
  4. P

    Christianity and its relation to Paganism

    What do people here think of the evidence that has been uncovered regarding Christianity's relation to Paganism? Many scholars have noticed that the events and characters depicted in the Bible were taken from earlier Pagan traditions. I find this area of study fascinating, so I'd be interested...
  5. sPagan

    New member

    Greetings everyone, I've just registered on this site with hope to get better knowledge on religions and to see other people's opinion on them since I'm very interested in them and I've been into them for about three to four years. I declare myself as a pagan and I hope there are some...
  6. J

    Hello ^_^

    Greetings from New Mexico! :D Hi am so very new to this place, so hello there hope you all who read this are doing good! Since I'm new and don't know much about this place, I have a question. Is there a place on this website to "Ask for others thoughts on what you believe" Because my beliefs...