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orthodox jews

  1. Harel13

    Orthodox Jews and height

    A few weeks ago the Israeli dati humorous news and misc. articles website "Mooktze" put out an article in one of the Shabbat newsletters on why dati teenagers are short compared to secular teenagers. The article can be read on their website here. I was reminded of this because I took a rare...
  2. Ehav4Ever

    How Torah based Jews Understand the Hebrew Tanakh's View of the Creator

    This thread is to address a question bough up by @firedragon . I will start off by restating what was originally asked and restated what was originally given as answers in the following posts. firedragon wrote: I would like to consult a Jew or two on this matter because this is a very common...
  3. Ehav4Ever

    Is it true that Torath Mosheh/Orthodox Jews think halakha is complete and unalterable?

    In order to answer this question, the first consideration would be "What is halakha?" The hebrew term (הלכה) comes from the Hebrew root (ה-ל-ך) meaning "walking; moving towards a goal." Thus, halakha is defined as the process of practice, tradition, rulings, etc. that relates to how Torath...
  4. Ehav4Ever

    Davidic King/Mashiahh according to Torath Mosheh Sources

    In another thread the question was asked about Judaism's concept of "messiah." In this thread I will only be presenting what Torath Mosheh sources state on the matter of a future Dadivic king/leader who is espected to lead according to Torath Mosheh. Note: This information only covers what can...
  5. Ehav4Ever

    Why the NT is Historically and Theologically not acceptable for Torath Mosheh Jews

    Given that the various church councils were the ones who decided what material went into the New Testament and what information did not go into it – this alone provides a very critical reason why Torath Mosheh Jews and Orthodox Jews are required by Hashem/Torah to ignore such a text due to its...
  6. Harel13

    Top 9 Biggest Fears of Orthodox Jews

    1. Fleishikophobia - The fear of being fleishik (and potentially missing out on an improbable and completely hypothetical milk-based dessert, should it just happen to pop out of thin air). The most serious of Jews, the S'fard Ashkenazim, who keep six full hours of waiting time between eating...