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  1. questfortruth

    The IQ of planet has grown

    It is not easy for me to follow plot of Multiverse of Madness or some recent Marvel movie. Perhaps, the memorizing ability and IQ of people have increased? If yes, are they approaching divine/angelic powers? So, no brain implant is needed, Elon Musk! Look, please, the plot:
  2. questfortruth

    God is Life. Can a weapon kill Life?

    1. There is no limit to knowledge, hence there is no limit on advancing weapons. 2. There is no shortage of madness: "Two things are infinite: Universe and madness..." Einstein. 3. There are infinite possibilities in Multiverse, hence, someone in Multiverse must invent weapon to destroy...
  3. questfortruth

    Why Multiverse?

    The living Earth happens to be in a sphere with N lifeless planets. The probability of this event to happen was P=Q*V, where Q<1 is the probability of life to emerge on an Earth-like planet, V=(1-Q)^N is the probability that life has not emerged on N planets. Hence, by increasing the size of the...
  4. questfortruth

    Can a theist follow Many Worlds?

    1. Theist follows the reason and truth, not absurd. But Many words were sounded absurd to all scientists of the origin of Quantum Mechanics. 2. There "can" be many different souls of the same person at the same time in many worlds. For details, please read: Can Both the Many Worlds and the...
  5. questfortruth

    How many souls a person has in the Multiverse?

    ABSTRACT: There is a problem in quantum physics: a particle can be in two places at the same time. Why is not that particle an Omnipresent Spirit? How to restore the naturalism of nature? Because of this nonlocal omnipresence, Quantum Science fails to align with Einstein's purely materialistic...
  6. questfortruth

    Is it true that the scientists discovered parallel worlds, and who lives in them?

    What is wrong about my text? Today the people are not complete, they are divided. They have replaced the call of the heart, the emotions with the mental reasoning, and vice versa. And they do troll the promising authors without noticing the own troll's hate speech. You just hate me, so you do...
  7. Tonstad39

    My writer's block

    I'm in the process of writing the first book in a series titled "Onstad Mythologies." The stories in each book take a set of myths and apply them to the 21st century society (Think Anubis and Ra as godly has beens in a post Islamist Egypt).I'm working on the first in the series whitch are based...