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  1. timothy1027

    the Universe, including life, was designed (and created) by a creator...

    I am a 63-year-old agnostic theist who is in the process of deconstructing from Christianity. Although no human has (yet) proven or disproven that God exists, I think that it's more likely than not that the Universe, including life, was designed (and created) by a creator as opposed to...
  2. Ehav4Ever

    How Torah based Jews Understand the Hebrew Tanakh's View of the Creator

    This thread is to address a question bough up by @firedragon . I will start off by restating what was originally asked and restated what was originally given as answers in the following posts. firedragon wrote: I would like to consult a Jew or two on this matter because this is a very common...
  3. Ehav4Ever

    "A" Torath Mosheh View of Human Suffering and Responsibility

    In another thread, well as a question I once answered on Quara, series fo questions were asked which I will summarize in the following way. Why would a serial killer be allowed to abuse and murder a dozen innocent children over the course of his lifetime? Is what ever created everything...
  4. Lekatt


    Rescued I was hopeless, and could not be seen, darkness swirled in shades of midnight green, shattered, unable to make a sound, I lay broken on the cold dark ground. Someone had taught me all about you, but I never really thought it true. I was just too busy to believe, to hurried to ask for a...
  5. danieldemol

    Knowledge of material things, closeness to God and imposters

    Personally I doubt there was a time when the material universe did not exist in some form, even if if only as a singularity. But let's assume that there was a time when God created the material universe and all that is in it. If such a thing was created by an all-knowing creator, then I would...
  6. Onoma

    Assume you are the " creator "

    Let's put aside the classic ancient tradition of a priest " creating " in real time by their words and choices ( Common in Egyptian priestly duties as an example ) and instead consider the supposed physical act of creation of the universe as it's often put forth by those attempting to literally...
  7. Ehav4Ever

    Tools for Determining the Truth

    I posted this in a different thread and I think it may have merit to be analyzed on its own. One of the discussion that is common on most "religious" discussions is the issue of comparison of beleifs and claims. In this thread I will provide some of the various concepts and ideas I have either...
  8. B

    "God" vs "Creator"

    In my opinion, each person deserves to believe in a specific God 'of his religion' to have a higher power to cling to in misfortunes, and there's no God of any religion. Just a creator. If there's one correct religion then more than 90% of people are going to hell. And God in all/most religions...
  9. r2d2009

    The Creator and His Creation

    Everything that exists in the multidimensional universe is energy that differs according to its quality. All this energy as a whole is called the Absolute, that is, the Creator consubstantial with His Creation. (The Absolute is Absolutely Everything). Solid matter is also just energy that has...
  10. Kirby D. P.

    There Can be no "Intelligent Design"

    The classic example arguing for intelligent design in the universe is William Paley’s “watchmaker” analogy. If, while roaming along a beach full of sand, rocks and random, chaotic waves, any reasonable person finds and picks up a pocket watch, he or she would understand that it was very...