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Nov 21, 2005
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Feb 23, 1956 (Age: 63)
Home Page:
To enlighten


Bodhisattva, Male, 63

Moo! May 18, 2017

    1. methylatedghosts
      A quick message from a friend on the coldest hemisphere (at least, right now)

      Hope all is well and all that jazz. Say hello to the deer for me when you see them next! I really must come and visit some time! ^_^
    2. YmirGF
      It was in direct response to your comment, "Did someone say "naked"?"
    3. Guitar's Cry
      Guitar's Cry
      Ducks and covers? Why do I have waterfowl and blankets in my profile?
    4. Bishadi
      i must apologize for often being so direct and boarderline mean.

      it is almost as if, i and recieving blows of abuse by the religious deception; or simply when the people are lied to directly, i take as if they are lying to my kids and i fight to protect them, even at my own expense.

      kind of a goofy way of saying I care too much to simply watch such deciet.
    5. .lava
      shshshsh...don't talk to strangers...
    6. YmirGF
      I am flattered, Laila. I have not read anything by him but I did look him up on the Mighty Wiki. Wow. Thanks. Nice to see you slumming on RF again. ;)
    7. Laila
      Hi Paul,
      Recently read a few books by Eckhart Tolle - you probably know (not literally) the writer but I thought I'd mention it as he reminds me of you.
      Laila X
    8. Mike182
    9. gnostic
      Have you seen Dr Angelo by any chance? He has forgot to give me my prescription of pink pills. :eek:
    10. Wandered Off
      Wandered Off
      WO was here.
    11. DallasApple
      I always forget about this feature..But today to my delight..I had freindship request. Anyway just came to say Hey!Thanks for inviting me YmirGF... :)
    12. MysticSang'ha
      All is well here, m'dear. Steve is back to work after a week of partying on his vacation, and I'm still planning my road trip in a week or so.
    13. YmirGF
      Hiya, GnosticStoryteller, Aye, 'tis gettin' warm up here matey. Yesterday and the day before it got to about 30C/85F and my web feet were cracking. Speaking of which, we have a new bird coming to visit. I have named him Mel. That would be Mr. Ard to those who do not know him/her/it. You see, a 10 pound/4 kilo "Wood duck" has taken to the sunflower seed feeder and sits there for hours on end.... eating... insatiably... (I think we are gonna start charging him/her/it for the food.) Kewl beans though. :) Get it? Mel-ard? Tee hee.
    14. YmirGF
      Things are wonderful in LotusLand, as usual. I am back to cement/stone work in the new gardens today. I have already built a small "sculpture" of two fairies on a rock this is quite nice. After that, bark mulch the whole area, outline next pathways and... rinse and repeat. How goes it with my favorite MysticDanc'er?
    15. gnostic
      Hola, Friend Mighty Mouse.

      I have not use this Friend thingamajig before, so I'm sending you a Greetings.

      Is it warming up in Canada?
    16. MysticSang'ha
      How's it going my dear bodhisattva friend? :hug:
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    Feb 23, 1956 (Age: 63)
    Home Page:
    To enlighten
    Beyond the Light
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    I breathe


    It is true that the early bird gets the worm. However, it is the second mouse that gets the cheese.​
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