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Rational Agnostic

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  • Thanx for the treason vs blasphemy frubemy.
    And for flurbing Packistan's death sentence for blasphemy.
    Thanx for flurbing it not being a time for violent revolution.
    And for the curing police problems by removing a statue froobue.
    And for furballing fighting the fight which calls to one.
    And for the racism in dating frubing.
    And for foolbring flu deaths vs covid deaths numbers.
    And for the thinking for oneself froobel.
    And for fuorbling blasphemy & religious speech.
    Thanx for fluorbling going crazy in confinement.
    And for the political aspect of deaths now vs deaths later froober.
    And for yet another!
    And for firballing the not necessarily political Flint shooting.
    And for the safe protesting frubing.
    And for foobling bullets for the brick throwers.
    And for the mixed agreement & disagreement froobyl.
    Thanx for froobing arguing religious issues in elementary school.
    And for the problems of not caring frubing.
    And for furballing safety theater & inconsistent restrictions.
    And for the requiring safe behavior rather than banning jobs frubil.
    And for froolbing adding nothing to your post.
    And for the gun control froobol.
    And for flurbing leftish fake news about lockdown protests.
    Thanx for froobing child rearing with clenched teeth.
    And for the Catholic Church ceremonies frubal.
    And for flurbing the new rule about virus info.
    And for the economic recovery guesstimate furball.
    And for furballing threads useful for discussion.
    And for the better question of Russell's atheism frubism.
    And for foorlbing safety theater.
    Thanx for fruballing careful borrowing.
    And for the opposition to such violence frubel.
    And for froobing humans all being individuals.
    And for the 2 never arguing politics with the spouse furballs.
    And for flurbing the OP trying to blame Trump for the shootings.
    And for the bucking up & quietly coping frubing.
    Thanx for the really interesting frubering.
    And for fruballing hard evidence.
    And for the no shaming frubing.
    And for froobing leftover turkey & fix'ns.
    And for the reasonable frubable.
    And for froulbing the questionable normality of neurotypicals.
    And for the spendy frubal.
    Thanx for fruballing my gigantic religious conversion!
    And for the discount porn flurblet!
    And for the systems perspective fruble.
    And for flurbing fighting dirty.
    And for the Brian Griffin frubin.
    And for froobing the proliferation of sexbot threads.
    And for the inaccuracy frubacy.
    And for furballing my splaining.
    Thanx for fruballing limits on the heavy hand of government!
    And for the competent frubal !
    And for furballing good news!
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