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  • Thanx for the atheist creationist froobist.
    And for phurlbing low info quality in the Trump book for kids.
    And for the violence in Israel info frubo.
    And for foolbring problems of those claiming off-topic posts.
    And for the extra finger frouber.
    Thanks for the frube on Is the Universe a neural network? Mind of God?

    But nothing creative about it, if can be backed up with science
    Thanx for the non-threatening opposing views froobil.
    And for foulbring the requirement to argue on RF.
    And for the margin of error greater than the number of atheists frubist.
    And for foorlbing no alternatives to GR yet.
    And for the broadened USSC definition of "seizure" froobure.
    And for furlbing the indirect insult.
    Thanx for the bad neighbor in Florida frooba.
    And for phlurbing good luck keeping the MAGAs off the plane.
    And for the whatabout insurrection flurbit.
    And for foolbring the Walk Of Shame.
    And for the couple'o tit for tat impeachment froobments.
    And for phourlbing not tempting fate with Biden.
    Hey, hope you are doing well.
    I know this is late to say, but I just wanted to thank you for your input in the thread, “Observations promoting intelligence...” It was about a YEAR AGO!!
    (Yeah, very late, sorry! Belated is better than never, right?)
    Thanx for flurballing the Democrat & Chinese plot to re-elect Trump.
    And for the civil & interesting debate frubal.
    And for the Robber's Cave experiment froubiment.
    And for phruballing Biden Dollars.
    And for the panicky frooby.
    And for foolbring Ameristan's continual abuse of Iran.
    Thanx for flurbing pro-life being a label to not take literally for purposes of mischief.
    (He did not like that criticism. Threatening a rule violation...the last resort of the incompetent.)
    And for the peaceful & safe behavior at protests froobal.
    And for flurbing the right vs left competitioon.
    And for the not focused upon a single candidate frube.
    And for foulbring the article's content not matching the title.
    Thanx for froobing my getting 100% on all science tests....in Ohio, anyway.
    And for the still living & breathing democracy.
    And for furballing being less insulting.
    And for the test Trump studied for fourble.
    And for floorbing separating value from belief.
    Thanks for the hypothetical frube ;-) on Is Fundamentalism a Religious Movement or a Psychological Disorder?
    Thanx for Fox News making some posters testy.
    And for the divine telepathy frubal.
    And for flurbing exoneration....twice.
    And for the clergy held to a higher standard fruble.
    And for fruballing normal vs abnormal.
    And for the Star Trek froob.
    Thanks for the frube on If Atheism is a psychological position we don't need to seriously consider it
    Thanx for the discounted ball & bat fruble.
    And for fruballing the incel info.
    And for the questions about the wall frubal.
    And for froobing the moat around Michiganistan.
    And for the issues surrounding the wall frubol.
    And for furballing questions about opposition to the wall.
    And for the avoidance of accusations of lying frubing.
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