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  • Thanks for frubaling Does having religious beliefs make a person more moral than someone who is an atheist
    Thanx for Trump's E+ for foreign policy frubicy.
    And for froobing the justification for support.
    And for the northern prejudice against the south furball.
    And for flurbing Barr vs bear.
    And for the Donald & Hillary horror yard sign furblall.
    And for foolbring presidential golf statistics.
    And for the nuthin technicality frubity.
    Thanx for the excalating peace efforts froobil.
    And for furbing scorpions stinging.
    And for the supporting Israel but not Kurds furball.
    And for flurbing not dangerously escalating violent conflict.
    And for the opportune time for peace negotiation frubation.
    And for foolbring Trump's not change in behavior.
    And for furlbing me many trees planted.
    And for the reduced deforestation frubation.
    Thanks for the winner frube on Trump is bullying autistic teen. Why?

    And thanks also for the funny frube on Source Of Asperger's Syndrome Found: It's Demons

    And for the funny frube on New Ohio law allows students to be scientifically wrong i thank you
    Thanks for frubling Trump is bullying autistic teen. Why?

    And for the frube on Russia’s State TV Calls Trump Their ‘Agent’
    Thanks for the frube on So What Happened To All The Changes, Tribulations, And Woe Jesus Had Promised?
    Thanx for the butterfly friendly milkweed frubal.'
    And for flurbing un-nailed points about a shooting.
    And for the Trump vs baby births at 9 months foorble.
    And for furballing the problem of focusing upon a single individual.
    Thanx for froobing thinking in advance about escalating conflicts.
    And for the skeptcism about Trump furlbe.
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