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  • Thanx for froobling touching the food.
    And for the panda frooba.
    And for the pro-farming frubing.
    And for flurbing your being smarter than I thought.
    And for the don't panic frubic.
    And for furballing healing me.
    Thanx for the do-it-yourself frubal.
    And for the avatar give-away frubyl.
    And for fooblering the best that I could imagine.
    And for foulbring making Mrs Revolt something other than annoyed.
    And for the Bloomberg Clinton ticket frubet.
    ANd for flurbing meandering cruelty free threads.
    And for the unreliability of verdicts foorbal.
    Thanx for the badgeless frubal.
    And for froobing Rocky Horror.
    And for the staying on topic frubic.
    And for flurbing not getting caught with me kilt down again.
    And for the laws = suggestions to presidents foolbr.
    And for foulbring ceasing personal hostilities.
    And for the worm casting frubing.
    Friend! I feel encouraged by rating my three posts as informative one after the other by one.
    Thanks and regards dear friend.
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