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  • Thanks for the friendly heart frube on Am I saved if I have a different biblical interpretation of the oneness of God?
    Thanx for fruballing what my brain won't allow.
    And for the women's athletic clothing froobing.
    And for phurlbing not been in a gym in a long long time.
    Again, your light shines! And it did so with three like frubals on prayers that we KNOW God does answer.
    Thanks for the frube on Do you feel comfortable openly expressing yourself on RF?
    I don't feel comfortable repeating myself. :D
    Just kidding. I answered that question in the thread.
    thanks for the double frubal! As it is written "2 Peter 1:2 Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord," and I mean that sincerely!
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    Reactions: nPeace
    Yes. I know you mean it. Thanks.
    Although I don't agree with everything you say, I do agree with most things you say. :)
    I like your conviction, and I think you are quite sincere in your belief. I am reminded of the rich young ruler. I feel like Jesus did. Mark 10:21 :)
    Thanks for the frube in "FeaturedFirst known animal that does not require oxygen to survive. So much for "breath of Life"
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