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  • Blessings to you, Deeje. Thank you for the frubals and hope you and your family are well! I probably told you that my daughter is in Sydney... we are praying for your country.
    Thank you Ken....things are ridiculous here at the moment. Our health officials are still rattling on about a 70% v@x!nat!on rate and yet Israel’s failure is not being talked about. They achieved 78% and opened up everything only to find that the v!rus took off again among the v@x!nated.
    Take care, it’s a crazy fear fed world.
    So true... so true.
    Thanx for flurbing Earth, the easier place to live.
    And for the Sunday evening dessert & discussion phrooble.
    And for foulbring nothing to add.
    And for the bursting into show tunes froub.
    And for foolbing atheism & the law.
    And for the corporate personhood limitations frubation.
    And for flurballing pants making Sevicus look fat.
    Thanx for the under 50k posts is a newbie frubie.
    And for phurballing me having road navigational experience.
    And for the much better value of the space program furble.
    And for foolbring the saying about thinking one can or can't.
    And for the knowing one's limitations furball.
    And for phooblering Mars as a sucky home.
    Thanx for the Groundskeeper Willie for mayor frubor.
    And for the newbie's breakfast furble.
    And for foorballing taking shoes from the man with no feet.
    Thanks for the opti frube on Why are we so obsessed with Mars? And trust me, the area i live is paradise.
    Living somewhere beautiful somehow makes the rot of this world fade into the background.....and then a virus like covid 19 hits the whole world and makes us prisoners in our own homes. Paradise doesn't help much in those four walls. :-(
    At least we can get out to the river and into the forest. But other than that its so restrictive
    We have hardly any Covid 19 here at present, so restrictions have virtually lifted, but we still can’t let our guard down. It won’t take much for it to take off again. Lockdown is hard for everyone, especially the elderly and those living alone. Thank goodness for video chats....but again, not for everyone (especially older ones) I don’t see the world returning to any kind of “normal” any time soon. :-(
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